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The TYRAM TOURNEY CvS2 vidz are up !!! Thanks to TOP RAM-EN and SOUL STAR.

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19

part 20

part 21

part 22

part 23

part 24

The Rematch Tourney is on 11/11/07 Look Out
Plus look on Youtube for the previous parts to the match vids featuring MvC2…

CVS2 Top 7

1st. Chris Yos aka hirohito aka that nigga who likes that bitch GSP!!!
2nd. Dr.B aka DRB 3000
3rd. Sal
4th. patmonsta
5th. JP aka Eighty-Six
5th. Akuma Force
7th. tharimrattler
7th. Blk_Brotha

1st off Thanks to TYRAM for holding a great tourney…Hella people showed up and the vibe was good…no one stuck up was there…Everyone from the 707 & SAC …Tyram will burn copies of my album 4 u…just ask him.

GG’s to EVERYONE…The CRIZZLE vs. TIN … MvC2 match was kinda suspect but hey it’s in the history books now…Good match to YOS…Finals was intense The players from 707 209 & Modesto r damn good…If people sleep on them they will come up fast. Close Money Match TYRAM !!! U almost got me on that one…Blk Brotha and Rim Rattler were fighting well also…Peace & look 4 New MUSIC !!!

MUSIC UPDATE : I’m back from THE SOURCE MAGAZINE TOUR & Working with


My New Album STYLE WARZ Episode 2 is COMING 2008

Shoutz out to:

KORNGO aka “Fuck Weak Zone 2” <----- That was Hella funny you chanting that
SOUL STAR aka Commentary 2000 aka Filming Shit
SCRUB KILLER aka Uncle Scrub u Bitch !!!
CHUNKSTA aka I sandbag on purpose
TEAM CRIZZLE’s House aka Purple Palace
LARRY S. aka Shopping for Hella Fits in the Mall
RIM RATTLER aka On the Come up
BLK BROTHA aka Why u Tryna to keep a Black Man Down ???
TEAM 707 aka We gets HYPHY
TEAM SAC aka Not saying too Much but still deadly
TEAM MODESTO aka Dont Sleep on Us
TEAM 510 aka We Get MONEY
TEAM AOE aka Travel to Play Us
TEAM SALINAS aka The Highlanders


Whoa. Good stuff Dr. B at the end of the match in part 18. Good stuff by all the players. :tup:

Thanks for posting those vids B. Here is the full list of the vids.

Ram Cam Vids. (24) Total

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 8
part 9
part 10
part 11
part 12
part 13
part 14
part 15

part 16
part 17
part 18
part 19
part 20
part 21
part 22
part 23
part 24

LOL S-groove

LOL @ Your face and your LIFE…

-D R B

Good one :tup:

You dont have to tell me…I know. Always good to hear it from one of my biggest fans…

-D R B

Good stuff there Dr. Bizzle :lovin:

Lol, you have fans?

By fans, you mean people that go “yo who’s that joke playing with S-groove? Doesn’t he know this games been out for like 7 years?”

those were sum S.T.U.N.A vidz Dr.B

Thanks for the love DJ-B13 and MK Master 503

I cant wait to see Scrubzy, I mean biggzy make it on the Evo Dvd…Oh yeah that wont EVER happen…LOL…fuckin loser…get off your sorry ass and make a respectful name for yourself…chump.
-D R B

And check out Pharell’s R&B singer than I’m working with…search her on youtube


Oh lord lol. Do you think you’re even a decent CvS2 player? If anyone has ever heard of you, it would be because you pick S-groove on purpose. You completely suck. Its just people going “Yo is that Dr. B?”…“Yeah man, he plays S-groove”…“Does he ever win?”…“Nah, but he can dodge yo”.

I’ve seen you play C-groove before and your gameplay is pure trash. Stick to throwing unlimited supers with Sagat across the screen lol.

Wow ur come back skills are about as weak as your CvS2 skills…Lets see…

  1. I barely play CvS2 anymore, I’m actually out in the world with a career and doing real shit.

  2. Who the fuck are you ??? I have been playing in the tourney scene since B5 and even before then. Hmmm… Beat KSK in 02 and made it on the CvS2 DVD and one of the most legendary matches against Daigo on The Evo Dvd CvS 2 2003…05 placed 25th. Not too bad…U ??? oh yeah…NOTHING.

  3. You are an attention hungry scrub who has been following me around the forums for years talking shit about me. Sounds like a fanboy in the flesh.

Springer’s FINAL THOUGHT : In The Jerry Springer voice

“biggzy was an abused child who’s morals were altered by being raped at an early age, his rebuttle to talk shit about someone who has a cause and purpose in the world and who is actually doing things and has a name for himself…Maybe he should put down the KY jelly and pick up a pen and application to Walmart and get a job so MAYBE he can get an ugly bitch one day…”

I love the classic…“man I don’t even play CvS2 anymore” or the even better “I have a good job and workout, and you must be a fat emo kid.”

Take that shit somewhere else, you just fucking suck.

LOL you’re bragging about beating KSK. Wow did you really beat a 3S player at CvS2? Mad props yo.

Oh the ever classic Daigo match. You lost. RESPECT Ali G Voice

Fanboy? LOL, i love ripping on people that post tourney results that happen in underground spelunking sites. You’re horrible. There was no one good in that tournament, I could’ve beaten all of them with my feet.

Hahaha I didnt say anything about you being fat or an EMO kid…

Guilty thoughts huh ???

Dude you Suck…

Sanford PWNED you at EVO east…OMG…fuckin Scrubzy is your new name

Do I ever win ??? I have won against plenty of people 10x better than you will ever be…I have won or placed high in MANY Nor Cal tourneys where players like you get pwned…and hella footage to prove it. Takes skill to win with S Groove…what do you use ? Oh yeah every day
A Groove that you still suck with LOL

So Scrubzy…You must understand in 2002 when I did win that match KSK was pwning everyone in his bracket and we met at the TOP of ours…If he beat me …more little softies like you would just Japan dick ride like most other people…But NO I win and I suck for it ??? Omg…You are a fuckin joke…Then I look up in other threads outside of this one and you are talking about hella people being scrubby and shit LIKE YOU ARE ACTUALLY good…Point proven…You keep coming back to this thread to talk to me…Im flattered really but I like women not “FAT EMO KIDS” there I guess I said it. And just scroll up…the evidence of you just popping in here to troll this thread is right there…so WALBERT needs a job at WALMART and a new bottle of lube because you must be really bored to keep chatting with me…You even copy my style of dissing Rick James Voice BIATCH…Keep practicing…it looks like you have a real future in gaming…LMAO…Sucka…step your cred up .

-D R B

And just for you SCRUBZY…To literally BIGGEST FAN…

damn that was funny :rofl:

I love how you keep replying to a “nobody”.

If you and I played, I would take your money all day. You don’t seriously think you can hang with good players? Maybe back in the 50’s when that shit first came out, but now, not a chance.

So go back to your “hip-hop” career on myspace lol. Let me know when you’re on mtv, by that time S-groove might actually win you some matches :tup:

Please ANYONE I have played or beat SHITS on your skills…NOR CAL BITCH…

I will make sure to tell Pharell a FAT EMO kid from buttfuck egypt says hello…

thats all I have to say…keep posting and boosting my views and plays on the vids…little ho.

 -D R B

Dr.B wins !!!


LOL your myspace makes my day. You actually SELL your tracks? This shit is too funny. You must be rolling in the flow. My favorite song is probably Lamborghini Doors. You probably have them on your Civic huh? And whats up with that grill? LOL, is that a Winterfresh wraper or Wrigleys?

PLEASE, some Cali players think you guys are the center of the world. When in reality East Coast > West Coast.

Dude are you fucking serious? You must only be trying to talk about cvs2 players then because if your not then that statement you made is just absolutely retarded. Ill have you know by the way that most of the players at this tourney have done well in “non underground” or whatever you wanna call it tourneys. but your not from NOR CAL so i would not expect you to. Both of you need to squash this shit and move on and drop this shit but for that little comment you made guy i had to reply because I just had to let you know that what you stated was straight up false.