Tyrant slaughter , new combo

as ya know my weapon of choice no matter how many people tell me other wise is tyrant slaughter.

iv never seen this post before so ill post this combo i happen to come across at evo.

i did it, and to tell u the the truth it wasnt intentially.

if u do the knee takcle :d: :u: :mk:

if u let the move connect as low as possible like near the shoes ( u have to be almost across the screen and i use H kick) u get real fast recover time. so as soon as u land u do tryant slaughter. u can see (for example alex) animation . he will have his back on the ground and his legs up. but the super will suck him back up. and make him stand up and TAKE the whole combe hit.

ive done tis on remy hugo alex q they seem to have slower frames to fall.
well heres my two cents

i just hope not every one knew this and i get burned for it

woaah …

that would be sick good for mix up …

ya talkin’ about the whiffed Knee Drop, where it hits only once and then u can follow it up

I like this. Good job.


no, the one ur talking about is the ex knee drop, im talking about the regual one which one hits knocks u to the ground.