Tyrant Slaughter Urien



Why would u think that? It’s a very fast, powerful super and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be good at any level of play. Oh, and I never knew it can’t be blocked on reaction at point blank…that’s cool to know!


it does not have any versatility. you pretty much have to combo it, or use it as a counter, which is highly risky. once again, i’m talking about HIGH LEVEL PLAY.

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why isn’t a great super?

It’s just not Aegis. pretty simple eh?


The thing about the Aegis is it’s just so damn useful

Takes the delay off of moves (6 hit corner tackle “win button” combo)

Can use the PP version for anti air, combo off of tackles or hits on a reset.

Aegis also has tons of traps (alot of which are unblockable)

It’s not that the Tyrant Slaughter is bad or anything



So you’re saying it doesn’t have versatility because you have to use it in a combo or as a counter? Isn’t this how you use 99% of supers?

Tyrant Slaughter does good in high level play for the same reason Chun’s and Ken’s SA3 do good. It’s too fast.


Oh yeah, just so people know. This super punishes a lot of HIT (upclose) UOH’s because it’s so damn fast (especially upclose).


it being fast has very little to do with things. ok. so someone does a UOH – you’re going to punish him as a counter? well i dunno about you, but if i were to play urien, i wouldn’t want to waste a long super bar for only 1 hit.

ken and chun aren’t good because of their super alone. ken is a flexible player with many arsenals [he doent rely on his super] – chun li has such great priority moves like fierce and the pressure that she adds on lets her win. this same pressure can be seen with aegis – if you play tyrant slaughter urien against me, i’ll just go rape you. but if you played aegis, i’d be wary.

bottom line is, urien’s aegis is his strong point. without it, he only has the dash and some range pokes. the fact that you say akuma’s god-hand isn’t invincible, and now this, plus the previous flaming that TOSF has done on you, only leads me to believe that you’re still fairly early in the learning process of this game.


Chun’s super is good because that bitch can link it after a low MK, as well as fucking everything else she has.

Ken is similar off the low MP. You can detect the super cancel off the low MK if you’re good.

Urien…SAI doesn’t link off the low MK in normal conditions. Only realistic way to connect (that doesn’t include guessing) are from low jabs, UOH. It’s just not versatile enough.

But I admit, it’s much better than that piece of shit Temporal Thunder.

Am I Wrong? Need Insight!
Am I Wrong? Need Insight!

LOLOLOL!..that was classic…


it’s true. it’s not like im some grand master – i just know more than you do at this point. you live, make mistakes, and learn. that’s it.


i’m suuuure u do…HAHAHAHA. keep it going this is giving me some cheap laughs.


he does, so shut up and listen to your boss.



It seems that some SA’s are just more acceptable than others, and this one doesnt seem to be one of them. I mean look at Hugo, all his SA’s are widely accepted at any standard, whereas Uriens SA’s seem to be SA3>SA2>SA1 in terms of how high tier they are.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Just another thought, which order you you guys think Uriens SA’s are in terms of use? Obviously SA3 is top, so which is next?


wouldnt it be SA3 > SA1 > SA2


Point is, Urien isn’t a Shodokan!! So if you want to play any decent matches with him your going to have to take your sweet ass time to perfect everything. Lord knows I’ve had to. Well, with the Aegis.


YEah…maybe…but even with the Aegis, I still rate Urien to be one of the easiest to play. He’s essentially a turtle, and it’s easier to play defensive than to rush that shit down. Chun has got to be the EASIEST to pick up.

On the other hand, I rate Makoto as one of the hardest to pick up. Constant dashing in and out, moving, poking, mind games…very active joystick movement.

Oh, and I’ll say it again. His Temporal Thunder is USELESS.


The aegis is by far Urien’s best super and probably one of the best supers in the game. SA1 is fun for casual, SA2 just bites, but without the aegis Urien doesnt really have to much to offer. With it he’s super deadly. To be an Urien expert u gotta abuse that mirror.


It’s not a mirror. It’s a window.

Why do people say Viper is a high execution character?
Why do people say Viper is a high execution character?
Why do people say Viper is a high execution character?

Jason Cole = King of SAI Urien.

At Evo he practically won all of his matches in pool play with SAI set-ups. It was hilarious! :lol:


Jumping HK/HP, Crouching LP, Crouching LP, EX Tackle
Link into “Tyrant’s Daughter.” :slight_smile:

Crouching LK xx Tyrant is very useful, too.

Edit: You can Link SA1 off a jumping HK… no matter how deep.