Tyrant Slaughter



As exodus has stated before this super isn’t as good as Aegis Reflector in arcade tourney play b/c the unblockables are too good and allow for way too many come back defeats. It’s a more flexible super too. However, Tyrant Slaughter isn’t bad and on DC where unblockable Aegis setups dissapear making it a decent super.

This super does different damage on different character’s b/c the last hit has 2 different ways it can hit. Urien can lariet the opponent which catches their neck square in his arm or he can hit a little later with his fist. Most small characters when ducking will get hit by the fist which does less damage than the lariet. This makes the super actually do LESS damage on some ducking opponents instead of more than a standing one. Some characters are just plain stupid b/c this happens to Elena but in the corner(when she’s ducking) he’ll hit with the lariet which does ALOT more damage than the punch. I’ve come to the conclusion that the lariet is actually a type of “hit throw”(just like shin shoryuken) b/c the opponent can’t get hit with other moves during this animation. However, they can if he hits with the fist. BTW This super ROCKS a crouching Sean. It can be linked from an EX shoulder tackle or a Fierce fireball up close to a standing opponent in the corner.


tyrant slaughter is just the poor man’s aegis reflector!