TYS Mvc2/Umvc3 Evo 2012


AirbrushKing is confirmed for Evo 2k12 and will be bringing more of Houston with me. Lets get the hype started. As we all know last year mvc2 byoc section was SICK because so many epic matches happened such as Cableguy Vs Khaos/World Vs VDO/Chunksta Vs Khaos and so forth. This year i plan on doing the same thing i did last year with mvc2 but im adding umvc3 also from here on out. I would like to see matches go down in both games so this thread will be used for posting up info on were the exhibition matches are going down such as times and hotel room numbers. Last year we had to search and find rooms so this year it can be more organized so nobodys time gets wasted. A lot of players are still holding grudges in both games so we all have some unfinished business to take care of. If you would like to play somebody or wish to see a match happen, post the details/what game either Mvc2 or Umvc3 or both/set but do not discuss/post any money amounts so that way the thread can stay open. Once main events and undercards are scheduled, i will update the thread with confirmations from both parties.
See you all at Evo 2k12, LETS GO!:smiley:


(Main Events)

World Vs VDO 2
Ps3 Vs 360 Wars (Details coming soon)


Coming Soon!

(Vs Anybody)

kRaZzY Vs anybody
Charlie Goblyn Vs anybody
Servbot Vs anybody
Asain Daisy Vs anybody
First Attack Vs anybody
World Vs anybody

(Wish List) (Not confirmed, just wish they could happen)

Khaos Vs Pistol Starr
Vegita X Vs Pistol Starr
Mvc2Roundhouse Vs Tascar
da_dragon Vs Khaos
Regency Rowtron Vs Servbot
skitz Vs VDO
Vegita X Vs Golden Nismor
Romfinite Vs Mvc2roundhouse
Spartan Vs Romfinite

Media/Recording: 3nigmat1c (Responsible for recording all my footage for Test Your Skills Series)

Mvc2 Side Tournament and stream ran by G0F0RBR0KE: Details coming soon!

Console: Dreamcast

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament: 3rd Impact
MvC2 Good Games
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)
MvC2 Good Games
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)
MvC2 Good Games
MvC2 Good Games


(Main Events)

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

(Vs Anybody)

Kenmastersx Vs anybody

(Wish List) (Not confirmed, just wish they could happen)

Coming Soon!

Media/Recording: 3nigmat1c (Responsible for recording all my footage for Test Your Skills Series)

Console: Ps3 or X360


I’ll be showing up for sure.


G0F0RBR0KE: Sounds good. Send me a pm with the stuff u want to talk about so we can get the tournament and stream stuff squared away.

To answer everyones question in the old TYS thread, servbot is a norcal player. Pretty solid and would like to see some people test his skills. He was playing in the byoc section and beat alot of people.


Invitation only or anyone can participate?


Anybody can participate. Did you want to play anybody or everyone listed?


Pistol star and roundhouse.

And khaos


I’m there to rule ass again. Let’s go.


Put me down for PSN side. Also I want to vs anybody


Khaos. Hit me up on when you’re planning to leave for EVO. My brother will be sharing a room with me. So we can split the cost on everything.


That’s wsup I’ll keep you posted


Alrighty then. Remember, for this December :slight_smile:


Does anyone else still play spiral? I’d like to do a spiral mirror, even if the only person i’ll beat errr play is gfb


Team Cammy vs Team Diet
As a main event?


main event?.. lol btw which team is team diet?


Whatever goes with your Spiral! Do you accept the challenge?


Roll call! XBL team members check in. I guess we’ll keep it a 5on 5? Who’s down?


I’m going to be up in this bitch next year so sign me up for Team 360! That is, if you think I’m good enough. Who’s the captain? I elect Khaos.

Hey Khaosdragon, want to get a friendly set going? Let’s say FT10 for props. There’s no beef or saltiness going around (salty beef?) I just think that would be a good set and I’m trying to build up some hype.

Who’s “Team Cammy?”


LOL at salty beef. You know I’m down homie. KHAOS we doin 5 on 5? I’m on PSN side. PSN where yall at man!!! Who go be captain???


ya man of course I accept. I take it we’re doing non-gods for the match? any other stipulations? think ill run spiral/tron/sabre

BTW would these be run on os3/xb/dc? if they are on dc id have to use someone elses arcade stick