Tyson Premium Av Requestion

Can someone make this into a premium av :rofl:

because the image will be small, if possible get the original game sprite and make him bigger so he wont be so tiny.

Full premium size = picture out of original proportion, made both though incase you don’t care. I’m not sure the filesize limit of premium though, so if it’s too big tell me and I’ll dumb down the quality (it may not look as good :frowning: ). It will always be large filesize because there are so many frames in the gif. Also, redoing it with a bigger little mac sprite would take hours.

Proportions kept:


Proportions ignored:


Thanks for the attempt I can use that else where, but for SRK the limit is 48.8k try removing some of the frames.

lol the best I could do is this


1/2 of the frames removed and framerate halved, 24 colors only, not full premium size (proportions kept)

Thanks! +Repped :tup:

oh my god that is hilarious. YTMND is so full of win.