TZW-ART? Interview


As you are bombarded with all the free advertisements for shiny new (untested) games (mvc3, sf4ae… “galaxy fighter”?? etc), you might like this for a change:

XSPR Interviews TZW-ART? | ComboVid

It’s an interview with the TZW-ART?.


very nice mrdhalsim, but your introduction was so long haha. A lot of interesting guile tips.

I’m not very familar with TZW since I only start playing ST seriously in dec 2009. Can someone post some of TZW’s ST video?

Also, I know that guile’s super can be done with

:db::df::ub: or :db::df::db::uf:

but how do you do it from neutral down position?

[edit : from neutral

:d::df::db::u: or :d::df::u:]

Also mars has been performing that cr. short x2 xx super consistently on ggpo recently. It’s definitely nice to see a mid-low tier character like guile do well.

Thanks again


Fun interview. Interesting that he always did combos by hand and not via one of those macro controllers as some have suggested. Has TZW shown off anything recently?

Anyway, Guile’s super motion is actually d,f,b,u,K but all the official guides give the full diagonal motion.


I feel really happy for Maj, for the recognition he is receiving from such people. It is well deserved.

I had just check this, and I am sort of sad. But I understand. I would help him if I knew it would not miss that money, but for now I am not having any income but still helping a Brazilian FG portal and donating tiny amounts to GGPO. I would check his blog more, but the fact is that I simply do not like SF4 so checking it just a few times is enough for general SF stuff. Sort of out of time, so even NH2’s blog hasn’t received the attention is used to from me. I do not even recall the last time I commented there. Hell, Maj is a great guy, I hope he is OK whatever he does.


Thanks for the link mrdhalsim. :slight_smile:

Good job on the interview DB. :slight_smile:

Guile is actually a 2nd tier character in ST. He’s in the same camp as Chun Li, Ryu, dee Jay, and Dictator.


zaspacer you need to take a cold shower. Chun Li is actually god tier :slight_smile:


Chun is considered to be one of the five best characters in the game and is usually on the same tier as Dhalsim, Claw, Boxer, and O.Sagat (top tier). Ryu, DeeJay, Guile, and at least the O.Shotos are on the next tier (high mid level). And Dictator is one step below that on the next tier (low mid level characters). So Guile and Chun and Dictator are all on separate tiers and are not nearly as close as some might think. Here’s the latest chart from a Kohatsu ratio tournament:

super nohoho fighter ii x: Ko-hatsu Ratio Tourney Halloween


Daigo said in an interview that he considers Chun Li to be the strongest overall character in ST.


My point was that Guile is not a mid or low tier character.

Regarding Chun Li (and all the other new characters), I put together a ranking based on the 2008 Super Turbo - New Arcadia Diagram (super nohoho fighter ii x: Super Turbo - New Arcadia Diagram) that I weighted based on:

  1. bad matchups (radically more weighting for the worse the matchup)
  2. good matchups (radically weighted as above, but good matchups gave less + than bad matchups gave -)
  3. how characters performed against other characters, with radically higher modifiers given to matchups vs higher scoring characters

Here’s what I ended up with:

1 Dhalsim (Gian) +21
2 Claw (ARG) +19.25
3 Boxer (Tsuji) +17.25
4 Chun-Li (Nuki) +6.25
5 Ryu (Gotoh) -1
6 Guile (Muteki) -36.25
7 Dictator (Taira) -38.5
8 DeeJay (yaya) -40.75
9 Ken (Aniken) -42.25
10 Fei-Long (Yuubou) -55.75
11 Zangief (Gunze) -63.75
12 T.Hawk (K) -65
13 E.Honda (Kusumondo) -75.25
14 Sagat (yaya) -85.75
15 Blanka (Komoda) -89.75
16 Cammy (Nakamura) -93.5

There were no old character data provided so they were not included for my list.

If the chart data has changed since then (like Chun getter better numbers), then my rankings would change too.

I saw the ratio tournament, but I thought it was just put together for a tournament. Giving YuuVega/Taira 4 Dictators seems pretty rough for their opponents.