TZW is Number One!

Wish i could post this thread in FGD but youtube ruined that for all of us.

Started working on this video during All-Star Weekend cuz Kobe wasn’t playing and i had nothing else planned.

A Tribute To TZW: The Original Combo Maestro

It’s basically a highlight video so some of you will recognize every last clip. Hopefully you’ll find it enjoyable though.

that was dope…

Thank you sir.

Kinda random but s-kill was kind enough to post the video on the Capcom US Blog. Click on that link if you would prefer to watch the video on blurtube.

oh wha tthe fuck man!? Maj this video is awesome! Thanks for sharing it man.

Amazing and totaly inspiring, I felt like a kid again watching that video. Thanks so much

Thank you sir, glad you liked it.

Yeah, i think i greatly overestimated the number of people who are familiar with TZW. I mean, this video is still a little bit watchable for people who haven’t seen TZW vids in the sense that it’ll encourage them to go find them.

But really it’s for people who have seen TZW vids before and already know what i’m talking about. My goal here was never to make people say “omg awesome!”

The proper response to this video is “lol so true.”

Cool vid Maj =]