U.K. players discussing the U.S. fighting scene


I’m on Gootecks’ mailing list and received this one today:

*Before going to Sinsation Fight Club in Virginia in February, I was contacted by a guy named Ian Cofino who messaged me on SRK asking if I had time to do an interview with him for a class project. *

He was planning to do a documentary on fighting games, Street Fighter, in particular. I said okay and didn’t really think too much of it until I got there and told him I arrived. We met up at Sinsation and he pulled me aside and we talked for about an hour. He had a ton really great questions for me that I was able to go on at length about (I ran out a tape! Damn, I talk a lot!) and also interviewed Combofiend, Justin Wong, Long Island Joe and Marn about the fighting game community and Street Fighter 4.

*It started out as his senior project, but apparently after he started working on it, it was clear that this was more than just a little 5-10 minute short film. So he decided to go all the way with it and fly around to different tournaments to cover the scene and some of the key players in it. *

*When I got to Final Round in Atlanta, he was there as well and he interviewed Justin, Joe and Marn as well as Mike Ross while we were there. He also managed to capture some really hype footage from both events, so that if you’ve never been to a major Street Fighter tournament, you get a feel for what it’s really all about. *

This trailer gives you an idea of what some of the events are like in America with some of their pro players. The atmosphere seems incredible.

Most people here will have seen the major american videos like, Daigo v J.Wong 3s, $3000 money match between Dark Prince and Clockwork MvC2, J.wongs cyclops comeback MvC2 etc

Do the Americans have a different attitude towards fighting games than we do? Is the American scene what the UK scene aspires to be or shy away from? Some players from the UK have been to Evo and could shed more light on the differences if they wish to do so.


They go on to talk about the States fighting scene. I thought it was an interesting discussion to read from this prespective.

Before anybody could factor in thoughts I think we need some sort of summary of the UK fighting scene.

indeed and not just for SF, but other games that Europe may be better at, be it GG, KOF, SC, Tekken, VF, or whatever

yeah pretty much:coffee:

I’m relatively new to the fighting game scene but I don’t think the the UK gets as much of a chance to have such a motivated attitude towards fighting games due to lack of arcade machines. We have always had to to fo to FPS and MMORPG’s to get competitive play. However now that we can play fighting games on PSN and XBOX live etc, im sure that there will be an increase of people from the UK and the rest of the EU playing competitively along side the US in the next couple of years, and hopfully when Capcom(etc) notices how many people from the UK have picked fighting games we can see more arcade machines around and have the East vs West side equivalent of what you have in the US, but for the time being I will have to settle with online play ^.~
Hope I have helped ( ^_^)? ~

I hear England rapes at TF2

Very relevant, figured some of you might be interested…

Denjin Video Podcast #8
For anyone not familiar with the names or the show, it’s basically an hour and a half of two excellent American 3S players talking with arguably the top European 3S players about the differences in how they approach the game. I thought it was really insightful and entertaining, and definitely worth listening to. The episode was recorded at last year’s Evo too, which is pretty cool.

Very intresting, Thanks

I like how some of them think that we don’t shake hands after Good games and it is all shit talk and fights when it is just hype.

Dont worry thats just poor generalisation also I doubt everyone here thinks that.

www.NeoEmpire.com is the UK scene.

The UK scene is pretty developed… we’ve run more SF IV console tournaments in London alone than anywhere else in the world already, for example:

RB 1:

RB 2:

RB 3:

And Battle of Destiny last year had the finished version of SF IV before any other country outside of Japan.

Man gotta move to London :sad: