U may laf at my stick

view pics here

made of:
costco lifetime table w/ adjustable legs
happ stick and buttons
1 start button
sony ps dual shock solder-less hack
drilln holes in this was a bitch

Interesting design :wink:

It looks like there could’ve been room to two players on it. Is the table stable when people play aggressively on it?


I actually believe thats a unique idea. Seems to be pretty cool, but as mentioned before, is the table firm? Or does it wobble if you mash? and it be nice if you got two players on it.


Wouldn’t want to put a soda next to that while playing lol

who cares aboitu the stick… LOOK AT THAT TV!!! its just a little bigger than mine :frowning:

I made one of those too! I put my X-arcade parts in it, because I wasn’t using it. My table was a wooden one though. I gave it to my nephew.

lol, yes I do laugh at it…but only because it’s a great idea! No hassle of building a box! Weren’t you the one who’s starting to make cases for sale? Hahaha, I guess you saw too many now, can’t stand cases anymore :stuck_out_tongue: . Very ingenious idea!

that’s a cool idea but that table looks flimsy. u shoulda done 2p too.

I want a stick like that! Start selling them, dawg.

looks good.
my first one was just like this except it was on my computer table…I remember playing street fighter on kaillera like EVERYDAY :confused:

I can’t laugh at that, because it’s fucking ingenious! Add a cupholder so the beer doesn’t spill during 720s and it’s godlike!

awesome. i was thinking of doing the same thing to my nightstand a few days ago. it’s very sturdy and only 3/4" thick.

whether you noticed it or not, that table fits that room perfectly in color and design. it matches with your tv, so you get no ‘clash’ that goes a long way when you don’t want your entertainment to mess with your room dynamics.

all-in-all, i love it.

laugh - ahahahahah rofl lmfao lawllll.

anyways, that stick is pretty cool. lol, that thought never occured to me, but using tables as stick bases is actually a not-bad idea. find a sturdy one with locking wheels and you got something going.


as long as it works

wow what nice responses! well to answer some questions the table is very sturdy! agressive play is no prob. if you shop at costco, look at this table, it’s very solid and the legs dont get in the way, 4 different levels and folds up to flat so you can put it away nice.
a 2player version is a great idea! i didnt even think about that! maybe in the future, i will make one. what i also like is the table is basically industrukable and light, but still sturdy ass hell. holla