U. Rugals Cheap floor-slide?


that grab where he slides along the floor…they sweep and then do that, stopping any hope of you geting out of it…is there a way…for some reason my wake up DPs dont work…why? do I just suck? heh


Ever try jumping straight up???


I said…they SWEEP and do it. so you’re on the gorund, so ther second you get up it hits. and my DPs dont seem to connect at all.


every try jumping straight up?


Try jumping straight up



What the hell do you mean? I’M ON THE GROUND and he basically meets my body very shortly before I get up, so I can’t MOVE, I’m on the GROUND




Try jumping straight up… FROM THE GROUND!


have you ever tried it in training mode? really there’s a delay in which his start up animation til when he grabs you. you CAN jump straight up, in fact you can jump forwards and backwards too.