U.S. soccer team face Mexico and get booed in their own country by Mexican Americans


lol, this happened just over a week ago.


Are you going to decide for what team people should put their allegiance?


if you’re american born and raised and decide not to support the US, thats fine, but at least have the courtesy not to boo the country you live in.

if you’re allegiance is with Mexico I suggest the rest of your body should be there too.


Funny thing is that a lot of Mexican Americans are born and raised yet get treated like shit on a daily basis and told in a myriad of different ways that they aren’t American.

So…long and short of it is fuck you.


Thankfully America doesn’t give half a shit about soccer, otherwise this could have sparked outrage.


Because God knows Mexicans don’t get treated like shit in Mexico. That’s why none of them ever leave.

Wait a minute…


If they were treated like shit they’d migrate back to Mexico. Nice try.


This is nothing new.


As always, but especially in this case, why is this from the Dailymail?

I really question their validity as a news source.

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And in New York, some poor dude wearing a Red Sox cap gets the shit beat out of him.


I’m a Mexican-American born and raised in the U.S., though I visit Mexico often, usually about a month or so per year. I think this is disgraceful, I am incredibly patriotic towards the U.S. and grateful for the opportunities that I have here, opportunities which often don’t exist in my parents’ home country. I hate being lumped in with people like this. It’s important to remember that just like Lil Jon and Soulja Boy and shit isn’t representative of black culture as a whole, this is certainly not representative of the Mexican-American culture.

I’m going to say this in the most respectful way possible: you don’t know what you’re talking about. Have you ever been to Mexico? Cancun and Cozumel don’t count.


Yeah this is some big fucking deal, Mexican’s booing the US team when it plays against Mexico. Shocker.


I cheer for the Vikings and I live in Michigan. Guess I’d better start packing my bags.


dont think you understood what i meant. I dont believe that Mexicans are treated like shit in the US.


In some ways they and in some ways they arn’t much like anyone who isn’t the top 2%.


This thread and the op are silly.

It’s a sport, who the fuck cares you cornball.


Mexican Americans are treated like shit in the U.S. They are essentially in a no-win situation because they aren’t Mexican enough for a lot of dumbass Mexicans that come over and aren’t american enough for a shitload of dumb Americans. Shit sucks really hard and you are mostly still talking out of your ass. Besides there are a shitload of Mexican immigrants who get their citizenship yet still root for Mexico in the world cup. These are people that are a shitload more patriotic towards the U.S. than half the american that live here.

So meh, fuck being mexican, couldn’t get padi enough to be put in that situation.


Big fucking deal. Things we learned from this article: (BUT NOT REALLY)

1: As a country, we only (marginally) give a shit about soccer during the World Cup.
2: Mexicans everywhere love soccer.
3: There are a lot of Mexicans in California.

Now which of those 3 is NEWS to you?



Disregarding the article, this thread is pretty fail in terms of clear communication, flaming, and people having opinions on things that they have had no experience with.

But this guy wins


Ahh man, no vid?