U.S. Soldier Throws Puppy Off Cliff



Someone needs to throw that ass in the doghouse. But a plus side to the story is that we know All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Soldiers can get mighty stupid/insensitive/bored/cruel/jackasses. Nothing new as far as behavior.

wow, hahaha. I still can believe he did it. Looks shady though.
Puppies death get more attention than soilders death. who would have thought.

^ironic huh.

Every dog has its day.

the terrorists were right…america is the great satan

:mad: :tdown:

It was probly an iraqi puppy anyway

Damn you. Damn you. :rofl:


They threw it into the Korean camp.

I have no problem with saying that I hope that person dies. I hope the person that does it laughs from a far also.

Doesn’t make any since why they would video tape that… So I’m leaning towards fake.

US soldiers kill civilian women and children in Iraq every day…who cares about a puppy?

White people :amazed:


That puppy looked dead. Have you ever held a puppy up by it’s nape like that? They squirm. A lot.

Either way, it’s fucked up they filmed it, but that puppy was probably already dead.




I’m sure a video of a soldiers death would get tons of attention.

Btw people are saying it’s fake. I can’t really tell but I hope it’s fake. Killing puppy’s is wack.