U.S. way to contact sanwa?


would anyone happen to know of a way to get in touch with sanwa denshi at a U.S. number?


Well since they are a Japanese company, and as far as I know they don’t have a single office in the U.S., it’s not too likely.


You can try sending them a e-mail using this form.


Most Japanese people know english btw.


Going to send them some hate mail? :stuck_out_tongue:
If they were located in the U.S i swear people would be there with some pitch forks.


You can’t contact them directly nor do they respond to emails from USA. Trust me on this I have tried. I wonder how some of these US sanwa resellers get their parts?


Guess they buy them from akihabara shop or elsewhere in japan online. Like we do.


Yeah, LL buys from Akishop… retard…


They buy em from an importer who is in japan or has a US office. Probably in bulk, like 1,000 pcs at a time.

You meet these people through networking with existing contacts or through trade conventions or shows.


Seriously? LL buys from Aki?


He was joking.


sanwa does not sell directly to the public.
same with seimitsu. smaller companies handle their distro.