U-Tilt Help

What is an effective way to do Up tilts? All too often, when I got for the U-Tilt, I jump and it completely messes up my positioning. Is it possible to map the tilts to the C-Stick?

You can set the C-stick to attack and it will perform tilts.

You can hold U on the control stick, and hit U on the c-stick you will also do an Utilt.

If you turn tap jump off, you won’t jump with control stick.

The easiest way IMO is to buffer the Up on the control stick out of an attack/shield drop so that when you hit attack the Utilt will come out instead of an Usmash or a jump.

  1. go to options.
  2. go to controller settings.
  3. turn off jumping by pressing up on the stick.
  4. free up-tilts for everyone!

Hey guys, I’m a gigantic noob and I should just kill myself. I never go into options lol. Didn’t even know you could turn off tap jump. The more you know…

Question answered, thread closed.