U-Tournament, Shanghai, June 10-11 2016, KOF 97 & 98



WHAT: KOF 97 & 98
WHEN: June 10-11, 2016 (usually starting from 3pm to 8pm, TBD)
WHERE: HuaShan Rd 2088, HuiYin Plaza, XuHui, Shanghai
HOW: Single-Elimination using Arcade Machines (usually best of 13 or 19, TBD)
WHO: KOF 98: Eight (8) finalists, they are: XiaoHai, ChenLong, LaoHei, XiaoHei, HeiPi, ShaMeng, HeChi, ChenWenjun
KOF 97: Twelve (12) finalists, eight of them confirmed after initial selection, another two TBD by public votes, the other two are open to at-the-site live pulic competition, anyone can apply. The confirmed eight finalists are Fujian-KYO, TaoXiaoya, HeChi, XinYing, ZhengQi, ChenYang, Tokyyo-Hoot, A-Qitou.

Total Prize: 100K RMB (16K USD) for KOF 97, 10K RMB (1.6K USD) for KOF 98.

So, for KOF 97, if you think you can, come and be the champion!

Equally important, for KOF 97, during the two day competition, a DouyuTV number one Tycoon will personally sponsor a private group matchup competition inviting widely recognised top six (6) KOF 97 players, among them, a King of KOF 97 will crowned. Total cash prize TBD, but minimum 5K USD methinks.
The Tycoon’s name is INFI.

U-Tounament is the bigggest annual festival hosting nation-wide fighting game competitons including: KOF 97, KOF 98, USF, SF 2CE, SF 33, Guilty Gear Xrd, BlazeBlue, etc, etc…

Courtesy of: FallenAgnelSF, the official organiser for U-Tournament.


KOF 97 is best among all… i got it from kingoffightergame.com/
would you like to tell me the official source where i can get it…