U1 set-ups... (Videos please?)

So, Alex_C posted a great video of some pretty useful set-ups for Ultra 2 (Climax Beat) against most of the roster’s characters in DeeJay Video Thread Getting Lost in the Beat.

They’ve actually been kind of useful, though it isn’t my preferred ultra of choice.

Having said that I was wondering if anyone had any interesting set-ups for Sobat Festival aside from using it to phase through a close fireball and punish.

Videos would also be appreciated as well as any advice you could give on those set-ups.

INB4:U2 is better - Yeah, probably. But some folks are just more comfortable with the command and chip possibilities of U1.

honestly its hard to setup U1. its best as a punish ultra. you could try jab throw. jab walk ultra 1

Yeah, I can typically land it on wake-up against over-zealous pokers and through fireballs as a punish.
But there are so many ways to connect into U2 that I was almost sure there could be more ways to land U1.

It is a very good reversal, so you could mash it out.

A really good trick that can surprise a player that likes to punish is this:

cr. jab, cr. jab, cr. mp xxx rolling sobat (hold back after input of rolling sobat) activate ultra 1. I got this from watching Marn’s Dudley (random ultra ftw). On block this is good, because rolling sobat is punishable, and doing ultra 1 can stuff punish attempts. Of course somebody can notice that you do that, and punish you accordingly, so use sparringly.

Okay, so can it be canceled into a la (or similar to) Dee Jay’s 14th Trial (j.hk, s.mk, sobat, cancel into sobat carnival)?
Because that would be a much more useful application.

As it stands, I don’t believe Sobat Carnival has the same fireball dodging properties that Sobat Festival has. So I tend to gravitate toward U1 for fireball punishing and nailing that Chip victory when matches get too close for my taste.

U1 makes the ryu match a hell of a lot easier.

DeeJay need meter to do damage therefore wasting meter to do a super to punish a fireball seems like a terrible idea.

I get that.
I guess what I’m asking is whether or not it can be canceled into from any move, normals or specials, in his arsenal.

not fast enough to jab ultra unless counter hit.

there is ex air slasher > U1 but i can’t get it yet.

Try doing cr.HP > EX slasher > U1.

I’ve found it makes it a bit easier. Fairly good hitconfirm if you don’t mind wasting an EX on block, although it appears to be character specific midscreen. I’ve got it to work on Ryu but not Seth for example, however, there is a sweet spot about 2 character lengths away from the corner where it works on everyone.


Have you gotten this down consistently in matches? Can we see a vid? As far as I knew, the EX air slasher -> U1 was only done by Sonichurricane, possibly with the aid of machines.

I really don’t have a good way of recording and I haven’t been playing Dee Jay recently, but I suppose I could do like a training video on it later.

I’m probably not going to do a video of it any time soon, I’m getting really aggravated trying to pull it off on pad and just not having the ultra come out at all for 15+ minutes every time I try, and the one time it comes out it comes out late. I hate pad so very much.

^ i’ll try to include it in my U1 vs U2 video.

oh you talking about combos with it? My bad. I thought you meant set-ups in general.

There is ex mgu U1 for 3 hits of the ultra. If you don’t get three hits you will get punished.

I can attest to that.
I just bricked my TE, so I haven’t been able to test things how I want to…

That’d be swell, man. Thanks.

Both, really, sir. Set-ups, situations, and combos to be more exact.

That’s an old one. I can land that consistently. But nothing satisfies quite like landing that last punch at the end…

^ i know the feeling of landing that giant maxout @ the end. so gratifying.

For sure.
I just wish it were more versatile than as a shut-down for over-enthusiastic plasma launchers.

I’ve never used it to shut down fireballs. It’s range is so small it’s actually not that easy to do on reaction because you have to be very close. As Jcool says, it’s best used as a punisher. Eg, anytime you block Ryu’s sweep is a guaranteed Ultra if you are quick enough. Same for Honda MP/HP/EX headbutts. Muaygio is currently working on a list of moves it punishes but it’s basically almost anything with 11+frames recovery.

Gonna spend some time this week going through some punishable moves to help out.

i was going to make the list but if muaygio is making the list i’ll make the video.

Aw man, thanks guys.
I’ll probably end up updating Dee’s Nuts with the results of this list as well as U1 and U2 information like set-ups, punishes, etc.