U1 starts up slower in USF4?



Dear fellow fine gentlemen:

I’m a PC player, (Yay finally got our Ultra edition update today) and I know for a fact that reversal Ultra1 punishes any Honda headbutt. I played a match against a Honda and the match was laggy and all. However, when I U1’d his EX headbutt, he BLOCKED it. It said “reversal” right there on the friggin’ screen. Is U1 startup nerfed/slowed down? I went to ULTRA frame data and checked that Dud U1 is still 0+8 frames, and Honda EX headbutt is still -8 on block. So… WHAT THE HELL?

Video is here


Ultra netcode on PC has turned out pretty bad so that could have something to do with what happened in your match. U1 still punishes ex headbutt on reversal timing, tested it on PC/360.


Looks like he hit you with headbutt from a safe spacing. Frame data usually refers to moves that hit point blank. Don’t know the exact active frames of ex headbutt but it is safe to say that it didn’t hit on the first active frame. That means that from that spacing, headbutt is -7 or even better meaning U1 is no good. You are going to have to play around in training mode to find punishes at certain distances if there are any.