U1 vs U2 which is Better?

For the most part is seems to me that people play cody mostly use U1, is it just that U2 is more situational or is it that people can FADC into U1 much quicker. I was hoping I could get some insight into this and maybe some points or different matchups that are better for U1 or U2 thanks alot. an if there is another thread talking about this I am sorry.

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I just use them depending on matchup. like for bison. I use U2 Since I can punish a lot of stuff he has on block. Same with Blanka.

The breakdown is that U1 seems great since you can FADC combo into it, but it doesn’t really matter since Cody does so much damage and stun otherwise. It takes meter and is otherwise slow as fuck, with the latter making it actually the shittiest possible response to a jumpin. Using it on punish is right out.

U2 is more situational, but comes out way faster. It’s absolutely worthless as AA (the 1-hit airdust is utterly NOT worth learning), but then again so is U1. However, it doesn’t require meter which Cody needs for wakeups, command throw escapes, and FADCing out of CU fuckups. It also combos out of what Cody should be about, which is his frametrap setups. It’s not what Ryu has where you can get an extra 300 damage off something simple, but otherwise it’s what you’d want an ultra to be: something big to punish a stupid mistake.

Moreover, if you can build 2 bars of meter so easily, then you might as well save it anyway; Cody’s super combos behave a lot like U1 combos, and do a shitload of damage. If you’re playing someone you can reliably save up 2 bars against, then you can just as easily save up full super. Then you technically have 2 ultras at your disposal against this obviously crappy hypothetical opponent.

It seems to be a pretty typical process. First you think U1 is great because you can combo into it, then you reach a midpoint where you don’t know which ultra to pick, then you move to picking U2 exclusively.

i usually just focus attack > crumple > u2, it’s not the best solution, but it’s a solution that works.



I use U2, but it can be missed if the opponent is in the air. You gotta make sure they’re on the ground or else you’ll get one hit and will miss the ultra combo. I hardly use U1.

His super isn’t that good, what are you smoking. His EX moves are far better than his super. Also FADC into ultra is very useful, it just isn’t for you since you can’t do it.

the fact that u can easily hit confirm FADC u1 is mandatory imo. only good way to combo u2 is imo from a baited ch c.hp into ex rocks. everything esle is more a guess than a “confirm”. u2 however has specific matchups were it is major. e.g blanka, honda, dhalsim for instance.

U2 can also be used against fireball characters, it’s a very good punish.

^it’s hard to pull off on reaction due to the fact you’ve to be very close. unlike chun li’s, the ultra will only hit with the dust and whiff afterwards or whiff entirely on range. sim is a good matchup to use it, he has slow recovery and a slow projectile.

c.mk xx hadoken on range can be punished with both ultra. ch c.hp xx ex rocks can be hit with u1 aswell, but limited to the corner.

and who the fuck came up with the tatsu motion? >_< its not a big deal, but imo it slows down the speed you can enter it while you walk forward.

LOL. Any other personal issues you want to get out of your system there, junior?

Honestly, I find myself using LDD more than FD Now. Hell even when I used FD I didnt bother FADC into it.
I like making people fear to use normals/pokes With LDD. and even Special moves.

I’m pretty sure he just means his combos are super, as in really good.

Who are you.

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I’m the riddler. I stole your question mark.

i’ve always used fd, and just switched to ldd, and i’m liking it. doing a crossup mk into ldd is godly, and the fireball punishing is cool, but what really shines for me is the better possibility of punishing on block. i just fought a dudley who was really good, dont think i would have had any openings for fd with his rushdown, but on one blocked machine gun blow… heh heh, get outta my face!

one thing that always pissed me off was trying to land u1 as anti-air, it works in a small window if they are still kinda high, but more often than not it went: air attack whiffs, they still block, and punish.

U1 beats reversal SRKs.

That’s the same thing I was thinking. I didn’t even have to scroll down to see the older thread.