U2 air Hitting grounded oppeonents



Hey .

Playing against a Dictator yesterday on my death bed in the 3rd round I stole a win with an anti air U2 hitting Dic’s standing H.k for massive damage . I have done it by sheer luck twice now .But only on Dic

Anyone know if it will hit other characters standing high kicks ?


It will hit the opponent if he does a high attack against you. Or if he is standing next to you without blocking. If he crouches, the PPP version of U2 will whiff.


Focus Attack > U2 works on all characters except Blanka, Chun Li and Balrog as far as I have been able to discover so far. It doesn’t matter what level the Focus Attack hits as long as its a crumple stun.


Basically if the opponent’s hitbox extends into Blanka during the PPP animation, they will get sucked in and hit, AFAIK.


this has nothing to do with hitting grounded opponents, but i think i hit the highest airbourne opponent yesterday for the slo mo finish. blocked vipers U1 and did hop U2 and it looked pretty cool, she was damn far away from blanka like a little speck in the sky(not really)


Not only can AA U2 hit grounded opponents, it can also be used to hit opponents who are a full-screen away



I made a list somewhere

found it


I couldn’t get it to work on.


yeah i’ve done that. they think the ground version is comin so rush you . problem is if they done fall for it its bad


I know it works on cody but the timing is weird.


I was just being dumb about Cody but the other characters you have to do a bit of trickery to hit. After the focus hits, double tap forward to dash then charge down back. Then just do hop U2 AA and it hits these characters.


Is there any reason to pick U2 against those chars anyway? Chun is debatable I guess…


not really.


defo works on boxer and cody… boxer is very tricky though. he has be still on his knees with a straight upper-body and his chin can not be to close his chest to get aa connect. cody can fall a bit more forward. zangief, chun and blanka i couldn’t get to work.


I’d just do hop u2, it isn’t like it is hard, it’s easier than hop u1