U2 combos now?

I’ve always enjoyed the debates between which ultra to use and I’ve always picked the lesser one for the most part. Well, guess that buff paid off because we can now focus into Raging Slash now even on the likes of tiny characters like Ryu and Fuerte ;p By the way, if this is old news lemme know and I’ll remove it from the forums. Trick is to wait for them to crumple down low so you can grab them. Hope this helps people who didn’t know this bit of info.

video or stfu!

What are you? 12?


Yeah sorry this is old news =(. Be sure to check out the T-hawk lab thread…lots of good info

Ah oakay thank you fellas. I will remove this bit by the end of the day. Just a passser by.

I like that source :wink:

Well, I don’t know how to remove this .-. But that doesn’t mean I can’t add on to it a little. It was shown in that link as well in terms of full focus to level 2 focus crumple into U2. 2nd level focus is pretty fast and can combo into U2 on everyone. However, dash canceling after lvl. 2 focus isn’t always ideal. Nice way to land it though is do your crumple focus and back dash. You’ll have enough time to dash forward into U2 and land it on the majority of fighters in the game except Dhalsim, E. Honda, Cammy and one other if I remember correctly. Either way, neat little way to combo into U2 in a safer manner.