U2 Uses/Punish options

Hey guys, just hoping to have a thread started discussing when/where U2 is useful and in which matchups it can be more useful than having U1. Talking specifics here.

So far I haven’t found a ton of use for it - I have noticed I prefer having it in my pocket as a punish vs Vega, Bison, & T.Hawk. (wall dives, headstomps, & condor dives)

Where and in what matchups do you think U2 is best?

HAV if you read this I’d like to hear what u have to say (HAV is repping abel like a g on psn right now btw)

This was a good idea for a thread but nobody is responding. I’m curious myself but I choose to use ultra 1 the majority of the time just cuz I personally prefer to combo into ultras. Ultra 2 seems to work against everyone pretty well but the only time I would use it is against characters that are either really quick (fei long, juri, viper, ibuki,adon) or slow grapplers like gief or thawk. I’m relatively new to abel and don’t know all the properties of the ultra 2 tho. I mainly use it as a punish are an anti air.

this could be a cool thread if we could make it like the matchup thread with the spoiler drop down thing for each character and all the moves for them that are U2 punishable

Its mainly a counter attack move. You use it when your opponent jumps in the air or when they do a move with a bit of a recovery. I like to push my opponents towards the corner of the screen where it is impossible for most characters to escape by jumping.

That really wouldn’t be that necessary, all you need to do is find moves that are -8 in peoples frame data and there you have your u2 punishable moves
way too many to list tbh

The move does not even have to be -8 on recovery either. If they whiff a move at say half screen, like random shoryu or anything that isnt -8 - or something - you can do the ultra during the move itself.

Not being hit by blockstun adds a whole lot of options to this as a counter move.

yea thats wat i was thinkin but if it was all centralized it wouldnt be that bad
I think it could be useful if the OP wanted to put in the effort

You can punish Honda’s headbutt’s on block except for EX.

You can punish EX headbutt on block too - you need reversal timing though

You’re both wrong.

You can punish EX headbutt with reversal timing if STANDING. If you’re crouching he can jump

Put simply, I use U2 for mainly Zangief, T-Hawk, Abel mirrors, and Dhalsim. Mainly because all of these characters need to get in on you to do damage, which you can eventually react and predict with the ultra. For Dhalsim, you can catch a poke rather easily, and I personally think this ultra makes the match even more into Abels favor.

Other than those specific uses, jump ins, corner traps (Like the one mentioned above), and neutral jump happy opponents are the best uses for it. Also, at high levels of play… just simply having U2 shuts down some of your opponents options just because it’s there.

Edit: I forgot to mention I use U2 for Honda, because it’s an easy punish for a blocked headbutt.

Ibuki’s sliding grab(unless I’m wrong and it somehow bypass’s the ultra…)

I’m pretty sure that armor breaks ^^;

Besides, in most matches you’re never going to see it used randomly, and if you do, it’s an easy punish without needing to waste ultra. It’s just too unsafe to do outside of combo.

Bringing up an old thread but I’ve been messing round with U2 and best way I have found to do it is a risky combo but if it pulls off it looks great.
c.fp(hit twice) ==> l.Roll ==> c.fp(hits once) ==> U2
I dunno if this is character specific like some rolls into ** but tried on Ryu and pulled it off online vs Guile.

My favorite to use, especially online, is U2 on a blocked fireball. You have to be fairly close for it to work, but nearly every carbon copy shoto online does the same little block string ending in c.mk > fireball. Just be quick with it and you’ll take them for a ride everytime.

this doesn’t really combo, anyone decent can jump over (or reversal) abel after the ultra flash

in fact there is no possible way to combo into U2 ever

Just thought I’d ask this here…how exactly do you escape Abel’s Ultra 2? I’m playing this Abel, he uses ultra 2, and I crouch block, the full ultra lands and I lose the match. “Ok, it’s a grab” I figure. No problem, I’ll just jump it next time. So round 2 starts, I’m up on health, he cracks out U2, I’m like “I got this” so I jump, and he’s ****ing delayed it and catches me on the land.

WTF are you supposed to do exactly? It’s too fast to jump on reaction and it’s got armor and it’s guaranteed if you jump…

I’m really struggling here. It seems like El Fuerte’s Ultra 2. I can’t get around that either.

Theres already a HUGE thread on this (Is Breathless Cheap?), but it depends on what character u use, the spacing of the ultra and other stuff. For some its really hard to avoid, for others its very easy to escape no matter what when done randomly

Sure when i was practicing this i was catching the char as they land. Single c.fp after the roll lands them on their feet, U2 has already started as they’re in the air and tags just before the ground.

  1. Zangief when he has no EX bar = more or less easy to land U2.

Best way(this works not just on Zangief) is if your opponent is in the corner. On their wake up be just out of range for w/e move they could counter with, but close enough so they can’t jump over u. If they jump back just let it go when they are about to land.

I prefer using it in a lot of match ups online against random peeps because it’s most effective against them and their willingness to jump at you in order to avoid it lol. I think it’d be really good in the Gouken match as well and I personally like it against Seth too. Seth’s tend to jump in with that round hose kick of his that angles. You can just let it go when he does one of those and you won’t slide under him which is nice. He can’t SPD you during it either and if you land it on Seth he’s probably going to be dead.

I don’t recommend it against Cody or Adon. They can easily react with armor break moves to screw you over on it.