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I was having matches in endless battle one day against a Rose/Chun-Li player. Of course every time I attempted to apply the mix-up after a knockdown on Chun-Li I got EX SBK’d across the screen.

I don’t know if this was luck, but I just went for it, did Siberian Blizzard over Chun-Li as she was spinning (EX SBK) and I got her. I think it works, because the Chun-Li player didn’t attempt to wake-up SBK me again.

Can anyone confirm this? I’m going to test it out again later, but if it works I’m going to be smiling a lot more in that match-up.


Spinning Bird Kick is in the air, yes.


Yeah well known that it grabs that also grabs her dashbacks and that light kick flip aa thing she does.


Training mode has a record function, you can use it to make chun do the EX SBK and try this out :slight_smile:


yes it works…its like the only cookie in this match-up…

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Would be funny if there would be a character whose Anti airs are all airborne :slight_smile:


Lol, I know dude, shit feels like 10 - 0, LITERALLY.

I was watching some high level Gief fight a Chun-Li player on team spooky’s stream and it was just so painful to watch…

Thanks for responding guys.


hmmmm…a high level gief on spooky stream??? they don’t exist


If Zangitan isn’t high level I don’t know what is.


Aquasilk is a high level Gief player that was at most Guard Crussh tournaments. If you don’t consider him high level I don’t really know what to say. In addition Zangitan vs Haneyama just took place in the NSB x Beat By tournament, and that was also on Spooky’s stream and that was a clinic on how fucked the matchup is.


well those are exceptions, but before spooky’s stream was a bag as it is now there were RARELY ever any good giefs


This may seem odd… but what makes Chun vs Gief so bad?


VERY hard to get in (chun footsies are so good specially st.hk), unlike guile is very hard to stay on chun once you get in because she has so many options to get out that usually also push you to the other side of the screen. Terrible matchup imo, only one worse being akuma (not counting seth)


I see what your saying but…I never really had too much trouble with Chun and I’m sure a lot of people will say either bullshit or you don’t play good Chun’s but I think Gief has all the tools to destroy her to be honest standing st. hk is good but if you just wait for it you can lariat it or ex green hand through it the move isn’t super so fast that you can’t ever react to it and if you block wake up EX spinning bird kick ducking you get pushed back less and can punish with cr. hk…ex green hand her fireballs… she doesn’t even have that much life…there is more stuff I could say but I’m sure you guys already know, well I hope so but really just getting her to waste her meter alone should make it that much easier to get to the K.O…I’ve lost to some Chuns here and there but never to the point where I felt that it was impossible she pretty much should spend the whole match running for her life and Gief can use that to his advantage by just not doing the obvious


To me, she’s vanilla Sagat. Jumping isn’t an option. Her st.hk can beat my footsy game, especially if we are talking online. She can escape, she can punish easily and hard. Her FB game isn’t godlike, but it helps her setup and maintain the pace of the battle…no ‘good’ Chun is going to throw out a fb within EXGH distance. Her other footsy options outside of st.hk are actually damn good also (granted that is scewed as I’ve been playing Seth lately)

Gief does have tools to win, it isn’t an impossible match-up…but its lopsided. shrug

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Sadly this works vs chun and is really the only way your going to use her huge footsie advatage agaist her. Psychic lariet when she gets to rh/ hp range to trade with those pokes. This scrubby tactic does work and it gets the knockdown. If she doesn’t have ultra or super her punish if this doesn’t work is sweep not the end of the world. I known people will hate on this method but it takes the match from 7-3 to 6-4. This will get them to stop hitting buttons as much. Her sweep messes me up more than rh.


hmmm… I still don’t see it ya’ll I don’t feel that Chun owns Gief at all he has so much health she has so little so off the break you can damn near make twice the mistakes than she can afford to but even better don’t give her those mistakes and its even worse for her and she doesn’t have to throw fireball at EX green hand range to get Green hand at all she recovers pretty damn slow stand outside of green hand range to bait walk forward when she throws the fire ball green hand when you walk closer and she is recovering from throwing the fire ball I honestly feel she has one of the easiest fireballs to react to its going to take patience on the Gief players part but that one knock down can be the end for her she has no meter? Go nuts and if she does have meter weigh your options as well as hers example you just knocked down chun she has meter ok…block ex spinning bird kick ducking punish with cr hk, I believe ex green hand works as well and I think even 360 either way you are putting her in the same situation a free knock down for her wrong guess…one of her other options wake up ex lightning legs once chun feels Ex SBK is not gonna work on you they may turn to this on wake up jump over her double atomic suplex or 360 or 720 if you got it you’ll land before she recovers…she jumps straight up head butt her and use the fear of being stunned to your advantage depending on wether the play is patient or panics you will get dizzy free anyway you just gotta see and know what your dealing with they patient and sitting there blocking keep jabbing them while they block to keep the stun from going down, they panic make them pay for it whatever that panic button is…and lariating st Hk I don’t think its scrubby if its what works why not just practice it to the point that you don’t have to guess it? that st Hk is not the fastest thing in the world man that knock down is your way in the door wether she has ex or not cause when they get EX they are going to want to get you off them and this is where your patience could lead to more damage…Zangief has fear factor and maybe to others a lot of chars do but just using fear could lead to so much your a Gief player you know what your opponents want to avoid come up with your answers for the ways those chars get out and then your opponent will be forced to think more than you’d have to cause you know the possibilities and you’ll make them pay for it if they get out who cares? Your Gief you got life to back that not saying walk in to shit or play like you don’t have a care in the world just saying it could hurt a lot worse for another char you get back up brush that off and get back into your opponents head a lot of people would assume Gief’s mash lariats and 360’s anyway use that to your advantage an opponents assumption could quickly lead to their defeat… my bad for the long post but I am hoping you guys would want to discuss things further to be honest…there is more to the chun match up that I have in mind just so much and this post is already long as is…


lol, you simply have NOT played good Chuns. The match is not impossible, but it is quite a bit harder than you think.


Not to turn this into a Chun thread, but she simply has NOTHING to fear of Gief, hence the reason the match is difficult. Heck, I main Gief and have downed other decent Giefs using Chun in the most basic (cheap) footsie keep away game. Please show us some vids against good Chuns showing how easy it is to punish everything. It simply isn’t…


Didn’t say it was easy but with practice anything can become slightly easier and I’ve seen these matches but I will watch them again just cause you posted the link… Ok just because someone who is very popular loses a match up doesn’t mean that someone else couldn’t do it there are other people in the world, if anything you could use those vids as a tool to learn from the mistakes made but besides that I am fully aware of Vangief and Ricky Ortiz very strong players and with that being said I am no ones fan boy much respect to both but… in both matches Vangief wasn’t patient at all he gave away his intentions every knock down he pressed a button…did he have to? first vid 5 seconds into the match you see how much damage a st hk st mk and cr lk did to chun? I understand that Vangief had U2 but why jump over chun when she has meter every time? and on top of that I believe he didn’t jump over chun when she didn’t have it…why? Ricky threw many fire balls in green hand range while Vangief had meter and he got away with it a lot all of that could have been knock downs potential damage and the advantage of being over chun on knock down especially when he threw them when he had no meter… Ricky back dashed a lot after knock downs when he had no meter Vangief should have took advantage but he still kept trying to grab or green hand combo…I’m not here to judge game play at all and not saying either player is bad in any way shape or from just saying that there are things that could have been done that were not… and there are several people in my area that took chun seriously during SF4 and the start of SSF4 and I think they all were pretty good and or are known I ain’t doin no name dropping tho just to prove something to someone I don’t even know I just wanted to discuss the match up with fellow Giefs, I played some matches recently its not on youtube tho and I don’t own a system but I am a Ps2 pad player these matches were on the X box with me playing X box pad and I wasn’t playing super serious (because I was online and can react a lot better offline) but I did decently I really don’t want to post the vids cause I’m sure you’ll just hate on it or say I am random like many people do but it is what it is I don’t know this chun player personally or anyone else in these vids that you’d see me play but I fight the chun several times and its all I have as far as video footage right now

Justin.tv - Darnell Griffin - Good Grief 2 Grief Continued

the begining of that first chun fight starts on the vid before that, judge if you will thats fine but sitting here and being a Gief player and saying you can’t do anything about charecter x,y,z and your approaching most characters the same way isn’t going to help anyone get better self included the way I see it what ever ails you in a match up learn or figure out what you need to do about it the person playing the bad match up char will most likely be playing on auto pilot and auto pilot isn’t good enough to beat another person that is thinking, applying strats and trying to turn your strengths in to weaknesses…


Nobody said you can’t do anything about “Character X,Y,Z”; they said Chun is a very hard matchup- which it is. Her AA options keep Gief grounded where her footsies peel him apart. As soon as she has meter knockdowns don’t mean as much against her; and Gief loses every standing normal trade for the most part (both of their s.mp do 70 damage and 100 stun lol) Her walk speed makes her sweep, s.hk and s.hp 10 times better as well as the fact that she can land either Ultra off of a c.lk mash party. The vid you posted showed me a Chun that didn’t AA, didn’t lock you down with normals and didn’t space well. It is cool that you feel really comfortable with the matchup and all, but it really is not a good fight for Gief.