UAFG Salty Thursdays 23:30 (UTC−03:00) weekly stream from Latin America


Salty Thursdays is a weekly stream hosted by UAFG (Union Argentina de Fighting Games). The casters are Leonardo “NZA Leogarou” Puppo (@NZAleoGarou) and Juan Pablo “NZA WarCry” (@Nza_Warcry). Many players from Latin America challenges other players and play Street Fighter V, The King of Fighters XIV currently. We host all fighting games in the past (SF3 series, SFA series, all Capcom VS. series, all King of Fighters, GG series, MK series, FF and RB series, VS series). The only game we’ll never host is JoJo Bizarre.

Every Thursdays 23:30 (UTC-03:00) on

Tonight’s show (Season 5, Episode 7) will be a challenge between two Teams on Street Fighter V of 3vs3 local players. See you guys there.