Ubisofts Servers down. Honest consumers unable to play AC2

I think the article pretty much says it all. This is hilarious. The DRM was cracked the first day the game was out to so the only people in Europe able to play AC2 on PC are the people who stole it. How hilarious.

This was inevitable, and still very funny.

That’s how it goes with DRM, you only really fuck over legit consumers.

Amen. There’s always a way around, they are just wasting time and money trying to prevent it from happening. Best thing they can do is not piss off people that are actually willing to buy their games.

All I know is that I regret deeply buying AC2 on ps3. I have grown to despise Ubisoft and their bullshit strategies they do, especially for DLCs. It pissed me off when I couldn’t check the real ending of prince of persia because they put the prologue on dlc but taking off two chapters near the end of the game in AC2 was the last straw. I hope that company goes bankrupt someday.

I actually though the ending to the new POP was perfect and that including that epilogue DLC was a disservice to it’s awesome story.

I thought the same too until they decided to add a REAL ending. But that’s not the point. The point is that they made us pay for something that is supposed to be in the game =/

Well at least we’ve finally hit the point where they can’t take anything else from us and make us buy it as DLC.

I mean shit if we’ve paid for the game and we still don’t have it what else can they take, really?


I guess what I’m saying is that it didn’t add anything to the game and shouldn’t have been added. I mean it really did add nothing aside from separate the two…All it was was more gameplay and in that instance for 10 bucks…I really couldn’t complain.