UC Davis marvel players

any still exist? must play marvel…

I can’t really speak for the summer crowd, but during fall/winter/spring, there’s a constant flow of marvel players. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 5ish is the best time to drop in as there’s always people playing or practicing strings, combo’s, etc.

I’m not really a marvel player but you’ll always find some above average comp in Davis for marvel. Think Aure (tron,hood,guile) player will be around for SS2.

i’ve been playing marvel sometimes almost every day for the past 4 years, every year less people show up =(.

I play marvel, I use:
-Mag, jugg (ground assist), cable
-trying to learn clock

Who do you use?

uh… i just play whatever… mss msp santhrax row scrub

I’m in there every now and again, I play a scrubby MSP. I’ll be around for SS2, but I got class and work so it’ll be pretty sporadic.

BTW Davis Taqueria >> Guadalajara.