(UC) Irvine 3s Scene

Gonna be attending UCI next fall and was just wondering how the Third Strike scene is there? Any arcades and casual players around?

hit up the alex valle Rushdown thread or consider hosting for other players in your dorm/apartment.

Make rules beforehand too.

zot zone is supposed to come back in the fall but i dont know if it will have 3s there

Yeah the new student center will open again in the fall, which will have the arcade/pool place (ZOTzone), which SHOULD have 3s and mvc2 and cvs2.

wow that sounds awesome

Time to learn some 3s to beast some scrubs :x

peter yoon, kim (ohayo1234), and i are the only ones that play 3s at uci now…not sure if zotzone will have 3s or not but hit me up nonetheless

I was about to refute this statement cept now im alumni =[

shucks, i was hoping for a bigger scene. but yeah definitely, let’s play some time

Good to see that the Zot Zone is coming back. If I ever come back to Irvine to visit or whatever, I’ll definitely have to check it out; I graduated the year before they tore down the Student Center and the ZZ was always a fun place to hang out.

Good to see the Dentron still visits SRK; any other Anteater Alumni still come here and visit?

Holy Shit David Thanos

The fighting game community in Irvine is pretty much dead. Nobody is ever down to play.

Bored at work and look what I see… a UCI gaming thread! Might have to stop by ZZ to see what they did to it, although I think I’ve forgotten how to play all fighting games.

David: Where you living now?

i am down to play. 3s and cvs2 gogogogoogogogogogogogogogogogogogo.

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i come into UCI with no arcade and i graduate with no arcade. U bitches are lucky lol but yea i hope 3S pops in at ZZ, some incentive when I visit my sis at uci.

man i remember freshman year before they tore down ZZ I thought i could hold my own on cvs2. i got owned. im not a fan of 3s because they didn’t bring back enough characters. although there’s a Guile clone and a balrog clone, it’s not the same.

i hope they have mvc2 because i dominate in that.

I’m posting my obligatory hello.


Wanna play for money?

damnit jay stop praying on the weak… unless of course he wants to play me cvs2 for money.

Why do you have so much negative rep? Does everyone hate you as much as Archie does?:confused: You down for fantasy bball again, right? We are also having a fantasy football league for fun if you want in. We still have to go to gamble so I can watch you lose your monies.

I don’t even play this game, but…you wanna play for money?

LoL, serious? You wanna play for money? I’ll let you kill one of my characters.