UCB Bi-Weekly CvS2 4/3/03 special guest Ricky Ortiz


Here’s the results…


16 people

1)Ricky Ortiz
2)Simon Luong "Naps"
3)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
4)Eric Choi “Zim”

Pretty good turn out…Team MGL stopped by and I saw a few old faces that were good to see…Here are some highlights…

Semi’s Winners bracket:

I fought Simon and it was a close match…He owed me a victory from the last few tourneys that we played and he got it …

Eric Choi gets the MVP award for using just about any damn groove or character in the game…He fought Ricky Ortiz and lost by a thread…Nice work Eric…

Top of Winners:

Simon fought Ricky…Ricky goes into super turtle mode and wins the maTch with his crazy A groove vs. Simon’s C groove…

Top of losers:

Eric Choi and I battle it out yet again…I happen to pull off the win but I tip my hat to Eric’s Guile…RC city…

Semi Finals:

Simon vs. Dr.B…a classic CVGL showdown…Naps pulls off the win…nice shit…I owe you one…

Just as a public announcement Ricky and i NEVER FOUGHT…and he’s lucky that Simon stopped me from getting to him and whooping his ass…I issue an official Challenge to Ricky Ortiz…his dept to society must and will be paid in full…YOU ARE NEXT!!!

-B.:cool:          Ps. - Ill post the GGXX,3S,and MvC2 when I get it


Don’t forget to post the teams… :smiley:


Originally posted by: Pat The Great

GGXX turnout was small this week, probably because NOBODY
PLAYS OUTSIDE OF BERKELEY. Or at least that’s what it seems like. Anyway:

1st: Eric Choi
2nd: Steve Yoo
3rd: David Cantrell
4th: Me (Pat Miller)
5th: Dan Chang
6th: LB

-Pat Miller

P.S-Ken Luong If you ever put that damn monkey in front of my face when Im playing again there WILL be problems…Im damn serious…




Ricky Ortiz no longer exist! He calls himself “Justin Wang” Now!

:lol: :lol:


Waiting for the 3rd Strike & MvsC2 results!:cool:


Mixup posting…are you kidding, you really think you can take ricky!!!

Record that match PLEASE, i’d like to see it.

No hate, i just wanna see ricky lose:lol: