(UCB) UC Berkeley Weekly Results 1/30

Quick UCB weekly Results 1/30
Here’s the CvS2 weekly results for UCB 1/30

1)Graham Wolfe K-Vega/Cammy/Bison

2)Brandon Chaney “Dr.B” C-Yama/Sagat/Blanka/Bison S-Cammy/Sagat/Bison/Ryu

3)Eric Choi “Zim” A-Sakura/Sagat/Bison

4)Danny Botello “HondaMan”- K Zangief/Geese/Honda

Bigger turn out and nice comp showed up…Weeklys are looking better and better…Everyone keep coming out and joining the madness…Footage of the tourney will be up soon…Peace…Someone please post the MvC2 results or if I miss printed something…

Here are the MvC2 results…for the last week for all who were curious

1)Steve Yoo "ise"
2)Chris Yun "Anvrin"
4)Eric Choi “Zim”

And I made a mistake on who got 4th in CvS2 i edited it …Hondaman my bad…I thought Nnamdi got 4th…oops…