UCB Weekly 7/10/03 CvS2 Results


Here are the results for CvS2…single Elim.weekly at UC Cal Berkeley…15 players


1)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
2)Eric Choi "Zim"
3)Anthony Philip "Senor Payaso"
4)Pat Miller “Pat The Great”

If I can make it out next week I’ll go…also there was a 3S,MvC2,and GGXX tourney…I’ll post the results when they come in…



Here are the other results…


1)Jerry Jiang "PAPhi9"
2)Patrick Liu "MvC"
3)Eric Choi "Zim"
4)Jason Ho


1)Ricky Ortiz
2)Sam Sim
3)Annexta Duong
4)Patrick Lui “mvc”


1)Eric Choi "Zim"
2)Daniel Chang "Superdan"
3)Phil Ting "cbr2k1"
4)Pat Miller “Pat The Great”


Just by curiosity could I get a copy of some of the random footage that was taken?