UCB Weekly 7/24/03 Feat.Ricky Ortiz,Eric Choi,and NanoBoi

Here are the results for the weekly UC Berkeley CvS2 Single Elim tourney…as usual I’ll post the MvC2,GGXX,And 3S as soon as I get them…


1)Ricky Ortiz
2)Eric Choi "Zim"
3)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
4)Tae Hong “Taesty”


Since it was single elim. the top 4 guys played each other and the loser from the bottom half had to play the loser from top half for 3rd…

Ricky won in our match and Eric beat Tae…then I played Tae and pulled the win(Eric Choi and I didnt play)…Madd props to Tae for being the underdog and making a nice appearance from out of the boonies at todays tourney.Nice work to all who were there good to see Randy Lew “Nanoboi” and good old Hiroshim Irby aka Hiro…not to mention Senor Payaso,Xearo,and many others…until next week peace!!! cant forget Keith!!!


did randy win marvel? go randy!!!

this is mikey btw

Ricky won marvel :frowning:

Marvel was:

  1. Ricky O.
  2. Randy L.
  3. Patrick L.

Ricky won 3s also but I dunno who was second.

what were the teams used for cvs2???

Sup B! good game on Thursday… man your S-groove raped me… I thought I had Zim though… haha yes I was definitely an underdog… thanks for the madd props though and the mention…

oh and eric hsu = xaero… not xearo…

box… teams for cvs2 were something like this…

RICKY O - A-Sak, Bison, Blanka2; C-Sak, Chun, ???2

ERIC CHOI - C-Sak, Chun, Sag2 or C-Blanka, Chun, Sag2… might have been K against ricky…

Doc B - S-???, Bison, Cammy2

Me - A - Sak, Rolento, Bison2

Sorry I don’t have it down completely… it’s because eric and ricky were switching teams during the entire tourney… but ricky owned… again… Ricky won everything but GGXX…


  1. Eric Choi
  2. LB
  3. Randy

gratz ricky!