UCB weekly CvS2 results 1/23/03

Quick UCB results CvS2 1/23/03
Here’s a quick rundown of the last UCB weekly results…

1)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
2)Steve Yoo "ise"
3)Ken Luong "Big_Boi"
4)Eric Choi “Zim”

Ok turn out for the return of Cal Berkeley Weeklys…Everyone start showing back up again…especially all of the regulars…Good shit to ise for just coming out of the cuts doing damage…and to Big_Boi’s RC Raiden!!!



Damn, Dr.B coming out the losers to take it. Dope. Yeh, that RC Raiden is what sent me to losers…grrrrrr. HAHAAHAH. THat, and the fact that I could not execute in either game. FUn nontheless. Just watch out for when I actually have a tourny team (and not just Hibiki).

GOOD SHIT DR.B!! Keepin it live up in Nor. Cal. You gotta represent the brothas of nor cal dog now that im not in the mix. But you can be for SHO that ill keep it real to represent SBO if I qualify. Fuck all those fools hatin on ya dog, just keep on beating ass! They hate to see us win brotha!


sUP Afro Cole…Good lookin out homey…I’ll be there in spirit with you at SBO quals…Good luck…keep it NGL for tha OCV crew…Late…Peace to impulse…


Can someone get the results in…Wheres the inputted results…and the full MvC2 results…Just wondering…


:rolleyes: :cool:

Disregard this post…



haha dr.b is having a convo with himself
good job winning