UCB Weekly CvS2 Results 3/13/03

Here’s the results for last UCB weekly…Interesting turn of events and alot of close matches.

CvS2 - 16 peeps

1)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
2)Eric Choi "Zim"
3)Pat Miller "Pat the Great"
4)Simon Luong “Naps”

Thats all folks…until next time…Props to Eric Choi for taking me out of winners bracket…that made it harder to fight back and get to you…leaving me in loser’s bracket with other good players…AND props to Crescent-X for holdin it down for the family!


Here are the full results qouted by Ise:

Results for UCB Bi-weekly 3/13


  1. Dr B
  2. Eric Choi
  3. Pat the Great


  1. Steve Yoo “ise”
  2. Chris Yun “Anvrin”
  3. Pat Liu “MVC”


  1. Eric Choi “Zim”
  2. Steve Yoo “ise”
  3. Ed Sheem “Ej_333”