***UCC*** Aerial Rave 3.3 Results

And once again we’ve had another successful AR!! Thanks to everyone that made it out and I hope to see ya’ll again next month!

Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. Kiet
  2. JJJ
  3. Gllty
  4. Sin Nitron
  5. PJ
  6. Raeli
  7. TTT
  8. Kurasa
  9. Valkyr
  10. Koga
  11. Vandal Hearts
  12. 4GottenKazama

Super Street Fighter 4

  1. JJJ
  2. German Luger
  3. Troofgod
  4. BD Fuerte Kid
  6. Metal
  7. Starcharger
  8. Gllty
  9. Psychoshot
  10. Kiet
  11. Mr K
  12. Coolest Loser

Current Standings SSF4
30 JJJ
22 German Luger
21 Rexor
9 Nobody
7 Big Dick Fuerte
6 Gllty
5 Troofgod
5 Kurasa
4 Scamp
4 Mr K
4 Kiet
4 BlackBlazeQ
3 Metal
3 Deathmonk
3 Starcharger
2 Psychoshot
2 Warden
2 Axiom
2 Dookeh
1 Jessurugi
1 RamenNoodle
1 Koga
1 Chounard
1 Manny

Current Standings MvC3
9 Kiet
5 Gllty
4 Sin Nitron
3 PJ
3 Raeli
2 Kurasa
1 Valkyr
1 Koga
1 Vandal Hearts
1 4GottenKazama

good shit kiet. you’re officially the best mvc3 player right now ^-^. i am very surprised you beat JJJ tho. he always seems to beat you in everything. ssf4, big 2. LOLOLOLOL. did you say you’ll jump out the window if you lose to him?

nah, I woulda won if he did…LOL

GGs all :slight_smile:

Good shit to all the new faces in the top 8!

Here are the UCC Points earned for these tournaments

Marvel had 28 entrants which awards 3 UCC Points to 1st place
1st Kiet - 3 UCC Points
2nd JJJ - 2 UCC Points
3rd Gllty - 1 UCC Point

SSF4 had 24 entrants so 1st also gets 3 UCC points
1st JJJ - 3 UCC Points
2nd German Luger - 2 UCC Points
3rd Troofgod - 1 UCC Point

If you want to know what these points are for check this out - UCSC

Good stuff to Metal for getting Top 5 in Super.

Apparently Smash players CAN excel in other games! :lol:

actually jeff didn’t post the full results. mahvel had close to 30 entrants, and ssf4 had about 24 ppl as well.

Yeah mvc3 had like 30 ppl enter,and I guess the MvC3 finals weren’t recorded cuz no1 was watching them play. =/

oh snap TTT playin dat mvc3?

lol thanks. Smash and Traditional Fighters are not as different as you might think, I’m no stranger to traditional fighters though :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, Alen and JJJ
F You guys !!!:shake:. It’s a fact though. I’d lose if i said that. :clown: I’m pretty sure I’ll fall behind in mvc 3 with my limited practice.

I can only go with what I’m given. When full results are given, I can and will update the points. JJJ, you planning on making the trip down to Texas?

Yeah, MvC3 had 28 entrants and SSF4 had 24.

Redid UCC Points