*** UCC *** Central Texas Brawl II - K-Town, TX Jan 29, 2011


Over 60 entries for SSFIV alone, and winner taking $1,000.00 plus other prizes!

UCC CTB Super Street Fighter IV Results
UCC CTB Super Street Fighter IV - CHALLONGE!

1st Findmyfarms - Cammy ($999)
2nd Team White Guys - Honda ($114)
3rd Jewelman - Honda ($57)
4th I Luv Tha Brush - Dhalsim
5th Madoc - Cammy
5th Zbeast - Bison
7th Chaotix - Dudley
7th Sinister-X- Dhalsim
9th TostitoSalsa - Cody
9th mexiwont - El Fuerte
9th DMG Burnyourbra - Ken
9th LSG House - Blanka
13th Hypersurge - Dhalsim
13th Demarcus - C.Viper
13th GMMA Ghoul - Bison
13th Focus Flute -
17th JD - Ken
17th JW - Rose/Chun
17th Bagels -
17th Antisimagenius - Fei Long/Dhalsim
17th Mudermook254 - Balrog
17th Chairman -
17th Nickajames -
17th Jugger-Not - Bison/Akuma
25th Tyler T - True Tyten
25th Matt - Vega
25th Mr. T - Zangief
25th Xeromos - Blanka
25th Ryan A
25th Tricksta - Seth
25th Carbocation - Cody
25th Brian (Waco)
33rd Brandon - Blanka
33rd Darren -
33rd Raymond - BSP
33rd John Frybarger
33rd Chouylicious
33rd Chris - Ryu
33rd Anthony - Orr
33rd Chad
33rd Maximo254 - Chunli/Guile
33rd Shamarii
33rd Cole - Starwin
33rd Timothy
33rd ihiryu - Able
33rd Dre - Capt Backslap
33rd Wolfwood 0
33rd Alvarez38006
49th Xavier
49th Monotone - Akuma
49th David - Amrak
49th Kaleb
49th JP - Tr3 Style
49th pkrstdnt
49th Jacob - Bison
49thDemon Jin
49th Game Weasel
49th Alfredo - Blanka
49th James - Jampeack
49th Rotendo - Dhalsim
49th B-Nasty

*please feel free to post corrections such as user handle, characters used, and etc. I’ll be trying to edit throughout the rest of the weekend when I’m off work (cuz I’m working Sunday… crunch)

UCC CTB Tekken 6
(no available brackets for viewing)

1st x0verA11x - King ($140)
2nd raybonekilla - Baek/Ling/Bob/Devil Jin ($40)
3rd Ramin - Steve/Bob ($20)
4th Jaysissmo - Bruce
5th David -
5th Juan - Eddy
7th Jive Turkey Jones - Roger Jr.
7th Boggie X
9th Korey -
9th Hyper Surge -
9th Xeromos -
9th Darren -
13th Hwang -
13th Rush -
13th Ace -
13th spamNeggs
17th Hardwire -
17th Realist -
17th Filth -
17th Odie -

**Unfortunately we had issues with the T6 brackets not saving correctly and leaving a couple individuals out, salvaging the damage by altering the brackets and running the brackets on paper. Much thanks to DemonJim for this. So feel free to post about who used who and user handles. Thanks. *

UCC CTB Super Smash Bros. Brawl
UCC CTB Super Smash Bros. Brawl - CHALLONGE!

1st Kobe - Falco ($70)
2nd Kelvin - R.O.B. ($20)
3rd Darion - Metaknight/Zelda/Pit ($10)
4th Matthew - Marth
5th Jacob - Donkey Kong
5th Paul - Ike
7th Kavon Harrison
7th Jajuan
9th Anthony Orr
9th Nick Ellis

**:coffee: Umm…yeah, so I don’t know who knocked who off the ledge, how many flying screens there were, or how many objects were thrown around, but if you gentlemen could be so kind as to post character used and such I’ll edit this information. Thanks :tup: *

CTB Super Street Fighter IV - Salty Seconds

Winner - spamNeggs - Makoto ($80)

CTB RGV and KTB Street Fighter III: Third Strike Results
*aka Battle of the Acronyms

1st JD - Yun ($35)
2nd JiveTurkeyJones - Urien ($5)
3rd David - Ken
4th C.P. - Ryu
5th Rotendo - Urien
5th Demon Jim - Ken
7th ihiryu - Dudley/Ibuki
7th spamNeggs - Makoto

** Good shit RGV! Sucks we didn’t run that 4v4 ST tourney and we really appreciate you guys coming all the up from down south. We know how terrible that drive is :tdown: *



holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this was a long drive


LOST KEYS! … and stuff

B-Nasty/Ryan - I found a sets of Ford keys on the table where you guys were playing. Don’t know if they belong to either of you… but I have them in my possession and I work in Austin and will be working this Sunday from 1000 - 1900.

If theses keys are yours, please text me so that I can get them to you ASAP
Rotendo @ six one nine 453.9480

Please leave comments and feedback regarding the tourney, venue, beer, food, and women (if any of you talked to any… which I doubt any of you did) so that we can run a better event next year.


This tournament would not have been possible and successful without our sponsors and support from the fighting game community and fellow tournament organizers. Much thanks and we really appreciate the help.

In no particular order:

Dallas Fight Club - Asus and Xbox360 setups
DMG Burnyourbra - Asus and Xbox360 setups

Monsters Arcade - Streaming the tournament and top 8
Challonge.com - T-shirts and online brackets

…more that I will update later (cuz I’m at work)


UCC Points Distribution

Super Street Fighter IV UCC Points

7pts Findmyfarms
6pts White Guys
5pts Jewelman
4pts I Luv Tha Brush
3pts Madoc
3pts Zbeast
2pts Chaotix
2pts Sinister-X

Tekken 6 UCC Points

2pts x0verA11x
1pt raybonekilla


Media, Pics, and Etc here

If you got footage and have plans to upload them to youtube or other media sites, please post the link so I can include them here.

As soon as I edit a few of the pictures taken, I’ll link them here. Got to fix some lighting/contrast on a few of them. This will be done sometime throughout the week.

I’ll be uploading a photo or two on my facebook account, so you’re on my fb, you’ll be able to see them.



Tekken 6


I got footage from the Tekken tournament on my YouTube channel: GK05

Top 4 results:

  1. x0verA11x - San Antonio, TX
  2. raybonekilla - Oklahoma City, OK
  3. Ramin - San Antonio, TX
  4. Jaysissmo - Killeen, TX


lol Tostada Salsa… it’s TostitoSalsa yo ugh. Anyways, great tourny, Pluckers was great and the tourny was as well. Good stuff!


Shout Outs to I Luv Tha Brush, sauce em up. Zbeast (I think) for putting me into loser and Tostito for putting me out with that sick cody. I hope you can come by for the next BBAB Joe. Also shoutouts to TeamWhiteGuys lost beard.


Congrats Overall and Raybone! raybone…i wave my fist at you


Tekken 6 Tournament matches


TostitoSalsa: haha… I had Napolean Dynamite in my head at the time, sorry. I will now forever see you as ‘Tostada’ no lo Tostito Salsa, hereby dubbed by Rotendo on the 30th day of January in the year of our lord 2011. :tup:


For Brawl, Kobe used Falco, Kelvin used R.O.B, Darion used Metaknight/Zelda/Pit, Matthew used Marth, Jacob used Donkey Kong, Paul used Ike. Can’t remember the rest.

Grand finals were actually surprisingly hype, with Kelvin winning 3 games in a row from a 2 game deficit to send Kobe into losers. Almost did it again, with the final round nearly ending in a double K.O.


Thanks for running the tourney, it was a lot of fun.

A few players whose characters I know:

I guess I love the brush is Rubek, cuz he got fourth with his 'sim
zBeast: Bison
chaotix: Dudley
LSGHouse: Blanka
Focusflute: only saw him playing with 'rog
JW: Rose, Chun

I potentially know a few others, but I didn’t see their matches so I don’t wanna claim something without being sure.


Lol my gamertag is Tricksta not Trixta lol. Also I used Seth and not Sim at the tourney. GGs to everyone. Thanks GMMA Ghoul for humiliating my seth on stream lol :frowning:


Great tournament and venue guys, I had a lot of fun. GG’s to everyone I played. Zbeast, you’re on borrowed time, haha.


I had it like that, but wasn’t 100% sure…


Great turnout Killeen!!! Here are the UCC points awarded for the tournaments.

SSF4 had 61 entries which awards 7-8 places (since its a tie)
1st place: Adnan - 7 points
2nd place: Arthur - 6 points
3rd place: Jewelman - 5 points
4th place: Rubeck - 4 points
5th place: Sean/Madoc and Zach/Zbeast - 3 points each
7th place: Chaotix and Rudy - 2 points each

And the Tekken points i forgot to Post

Tekken 6 had 20 entrants which awards two places:
1st place: x0verA11x - 2 points
2nd place: raybonekilla - 1 point


Good shit jewelman for putting tx on the map!!! Hsien/findmyfarm/sosicknashfan/Arthur/jewelman would make a sick team and rep tx well on a national level!!


erm, 2 Hondas? That’s a weird ass team, dawg.


Paul got away before I could get back at him on 3s for beating me in SSF4 :sad:
I was gonna make him dream Genei Jins for the next month

No Viet? No Sinister X? No Jan? No Fubar?
That team is a joke

GGs to everybody
Rotendo: I play Ken on SF4 , saw you didn’t have my char in the results