***UCC*** MvC3 NR Tourney - Central Texas FXGames 2-26-11

UCC MvC3 New Release Tourney presented by: KTB - CHALLONGE!

1st Jan
2nd toan
3rd Stone Nguyen
4th Jake M.
5th fubarduck
5th David D.
7th Kobe
7th Jacob S.
9th Steve G.
9th AJ G.
9th Charles M.
9th Bryan F.
13th Saburo
13th ComBak
13th Kevin G.
13th Carlos F.
17th Rotendo
17th ihiryu, desu
17th Carbocation
17th AnhT
17th Tracy
17th Robert
17th Sean M.
17th Eric P.
25th TigerAttack3000
25th Andre Lewis
25th Demarcus
25th Cory F.
25th Frank M.
25th Isaac B.
25th Scott D.
25th Joel
33rd Phi Nguyen
33rd Joseph L.
33rd Roy L.
33rd Adam M.

TOP 8 Videos Posted:
YouTube - battleforthesouth’s Channel

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Besides from the miscommunication between KTB and FX Games, and also with the slow ass laptop/internet… any other issues we’d appreciate hearing from you.

Yes… tourney was suppose to be at 3pm, but those knuckle heads were telling customers and their moms 6pm with 4pm being the ‘preliminary’ < :confused:
I’ll take the responsibility for that… even though I did call as many times as I could to make sure everything was set accordingly… you simply cannot trust people when they say that everything is ready to go and the proper information is being filtered to everyone.

The entry fee… it was suppose to be $15 to begin with… where the hell they got $20 is beyond me. FX Games operate for themselves to propel business. I had them lower it to $10 for their pre-launch tourney from $15 and told them they could keep it at $15 for the larger tourney/turn out.

The 100% payout… yeah… I know that wasn’t going to fly either.

In the end, it worked out. The 70/20/10 payout is about the same it would have been if that money came straight from the entry fees… maybe with 1st getting about $20 more.

I had a good time playing some of you. I lost to people I shouldn’t have, but that comes expected when you don’t practice (because of work, :lol:)

Carlos and AJ: I’m gunning for you two at the next tourney :bgrin: I will learn to play with the dog to make up for my lack of knowledge of what she is capable of.

NEXT TOURNAMENT… also sanctioned by *** UCC *** will be on April 2, 2011 @
Proving Grounds! Central TX - Killeen. This place has 28 setups and a projection screen! It will feature both SSFIV and MvC3, so be sure to sign up for this one as well! Get those UCC points while you can!

Sign Up - *** UCC *** Proving Grounds - Central TX [SSFIV & MvC3] - CHALLONGE!

"36 Entries awards 1st Place 4 UCC Points:

1st Jan - 4 UCC Points
2nd Toan - 3 UCC Points
3rd Stone Nguyen - 2 UCC Points
4th Jake M. - 1 UCC Point"