*** UCC *** MvC3 NR Tourney - Central TX [Killeen] - 2/26/11 - $500 Cash Prize!

K-Town Brawlers presents: MvC3 New Release Tourney @ FX Games Exchange in Killeen, TX.

KTB will be running a Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at Killeen’s own FX Games. Cash prizes will be $500!
*$500 cash prizes to be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers at the 70/20/10 split and no cash prize awarded from the pot

Sign Up - UCC MvC3 New Release Tourney presented by: KTB - CHALLONGE!

FX Games
3213 E Central Texas Expy
Killeen, Texas 76543
(254) 213-9293


Casuals: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Registration: 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Start: 3:00pm
*It would behoove you to show up early enough to register in time as it helps expedite finalizing the tournament bracket.

**Game: **
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (for all you “dee dee dee’s” out there)

PlayStation® 3

Sony LCD HDTV Bravia’s

Entry Fee:
*There will be no venue fee and regardless of how low the turnout is, the tourney will still be ran. So if only 8 people sign up, it’ll still be $350/$100/$50 rather than $84/$24/$12 @ the 70/20/10 split!

Venue Rules:

  1. No outside food or drinks allowed.
  2. Respect the venue, equipment, staff, customers, and other players.
  3. No vulgar language. This is a family store and children will be present
  4. Don’t act stupid. Simple enough, right?
  5. Trade in games for cash or store credit! Totally optional of course :bgrin:

Game Rules:

  1. Default settings (Time, handicap, random select background, etc)
  2. Double Elimination. If you lost your first game, stick around because you are still in! … except you’ll be placed in the ‘losers’ bracket.
  3. Best 2 out of 3 games.
  4. Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals will all be best 3 out of 5 games.
  5. In the event off a draw game by either a Double K.O. or Time, the game will be replayed and will not count as a win for either opponents.
  6. Winner must keep the same team and order unless they lose the following game, then they may change their team and/or order of their team.
  7. Loser may change their team and/or order of t heir team.
  8. Default characters only. That means no unlockable characters (Akuma, Sentinel, Hsien-Ko, and Taskmaster)
  9. Button mapping is allowed.
  10. No unsportsmanlike conduct.
  11. BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) KTB and FX Games will not be providing controllers

***** UCC *** Points:**
UCC points will be distributed to the top finishers that will go towards seeding for the Upper-Cut Southern Championships being held in Dallas/Ft Worth on May 7-8th!

For further questions and details, please call either of the following:

*Rotendo (Rodolfo) Six One Nine 453-9480
Steve (iHiryu) Two Five Four 247-5119


i’ll be here, gives me enough time to learn cheap winning tactics by then :wink:

No sent rudy. So your screwed.
So this is a or sure $500 split?

Yes. $500 split for top 3.

KTB is assistant in running it, but we aren’t the host or anything and we aren’t the ones doing the payout. This is an FX Games tourney, ran by us.

and since it is 2 weekends away, I’m sure those four unlockable characters will be available by then… so I’ll be adjusting those rules shortly. :bgrin:

will prob be at this!

It’ll be good. Though no streaming, food, or anything like that. This is at a smaller venue so I’m anticipating it to get a bit crowded if people show up.

TOAN!! Yeah, my hero. Now I’m stoked for this tourney knowing he’s coming down.

Just to know, the rules have been changed for the characters at least, right?

nope, no sentinel, no akuma, no taskmaster, no hsien-ko

These are the fuckin stupidest rules I have ever read. Time out has to be replayed? That is the primary strategy against fighting Phoenix. Can you please match the rules to standard/Evo settings so that people who care about the game will play. Thanks.

heh heh heh
I think you misunderstood that particular rule; Draw games can occur in one of two scenarios: a double KO, or a time out in which both characters have equal life. The match will not be replayed when it’s just time out, it has to be coupled with equal life. I’ll still miss my Sentinel though. :’(

Sorry, this was BEFORE the game released, as it ONLY applied for the pre-launch tourney. Most the rules have changed. Time-Out doesn’t have to be replayed (that’s absurd)

These are FX Games, machines… if the setups do not have the unlock-able characters available (I’ll talk to them to see if we can get at least Sent unlocked through casual play) Taskmasker if anyone plays them we’ll have to see if anyone uses him so we can at least get one of their machines to have him and have that individual play on that setup.

Phew thanks glad I’m not crazy :slight_smile:

BTW it only takes about 20 mins of casual play to unlock Akuma and Sent. I’m pretty sure at least half the people that play MVC3 have Sent on their team, so why not just wait to get him unlocked before starting?

That’s the plan. I’ve been working OT like a mother this past week. 12 hr days and weekends and been in Austin for 3 days at one point not going home. Today we’re actually off at 6pm! So I’ll get some sleep finally… and most important, training.

Could you please please please unlock the characters?

Hsien-Ko is the most important character on my team :frowning:

You just gotta play through arcade mode on easiest 2-3 times and it should be done

Relax, I’ll try to have them work on unlocking them by then. If anything… they’ll have at least 1 setup with her unlocked.

ggs everyone; i apologize for not informing the director immediately as soon as i found out i was in the bracket twice, but glad to play the games I did play.