**UCC** SOUTHERN IMPACT Featuring Gootecks/Mike Ross - Laredo, TX - 3/26/11

**Southern Impact **
Featuring Gootecks and Mike Ross
Streamed live by Monster?s Arcade
March 26
Laredo, Tx
SSFIV/MvC3 $500 Guaranteed + Pot for SSFIV
Venue Fee: $15.00
SSFIV Fee: $10.00
MvC3 Fee : $7.00
Spectator Fee: Yet to be determined
Location: 6508 N. Bartlett Ave. Laredo, Tx
Time: 11am-1pm (Registration)
For info call Mikeyboy 956-236-6118

Google Maps Link

Southern Impact is now part of the UCC

Info edited: 3/22/2011 @ 11:16 pm CT

Texas Showdown Championships in Houston is going on the weekend before this, name might be a little confusing seeing as we have had the name longer.

SIGH. Let’s try this again. Do not use the words “Texas Showdown” in your tournament title, there is already a tournament going by that name.

Please give us 24-48 hours to come up with a new name, we WILL change it, we are trying to work it out.

Thank you for not flat out just deleting the post this time, that just created even more confusion on our side.

hmmm, 25 dollars from ssf4 and venue fee? i got to start practicing.

the $25 are for the Honor of being in the presence of the Great Gootecks and Mike Ross, and you get to play SSFIV as a bonus :wink:

What honor again?:wonder:

After party in the works.


So this isn’t gonna be a part of the UCC Circuit? That’s unfortunate. Still, sounds like fun!

The honor is being around Jan, and hopefully eating fine Texas cuisine :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bunch of money for dick riding the guests, but Jan is always worth it. :wink: sexy beast you.


Hmmm he looks skinnier in his youtube videos I guess the camera deceives…

i vote for dumbest comment in srk. i think bringing mike ross and gooteks is cool and all but come on dave its not like they are saving lives lol

Getting pumped for this!

Next weekend…gogogo

Southern Impact is now part of the UPPER-Cut Circuit. Check it out, and maybe we will see some of you guys in May.

GET HYPE! CTX trying to coming to this. Can you guys accommodate us if we come down? 5 hour drive and we’re not sure how long this tourney will run/is going to last, so driving late is something we’d like to avoid. Hit me up via text

619.453.nine four eight zer0 >Rotendo (if you can’t text on your phone, go ahead a call, but I’d prefer text due to work) thanks


bring sleeping bags?