**UCC** SOUTHERN IMPACT Featuring Gootecks/Mike Ross - Laredo, TX - 3/26/11

sleeping bags! and uhhh its been confirmed mike ross and pabbs cure cancer! MM me pabbs dammit!

Jan I am as salty as you knowing Laredo>Japan

It would be good to know what system this tournament is on.

Its gonna be on Xbox360 unfortunately and Jewelman I’d gladly play you and donate money to the JewelmanFoundation, but you have to use Makoto

Woot few more hours

Can you post the link to the challonge bracket/results?

Good shit on the tourney. I’ll post my critique later… tired, time for more sleep.


Yeah, post a results thread if you haven’t already and i’ll put up the UCC points

I found the brackets… so I guess since everyone is sleeping, I’ll go ahead and created the Result Thread for you guys with the results. :tup:

link made: http://shoryuken.com/f6/ucc-southern-impact-ft-gootecks-mike-ross-laredo-tx-3-26-11-a-269605/#post10444307

Post feedback, shout outs, etc…


Thanks for posting this stuff up, i had been busy all Sunday showing out guests around town.

No problem, anything for the community. This is what its all about :tup: