***UCC*** SOUTHERN IMPACT ft. Gootecks/Mike Ross - Laredo, TX - 3/26/11

Here are the full results for both MvC3 and SSFIV w/links to the brackets :tup:


1st LSG Stone
2nd Jan
3rd Jerry L.
4th Warrior Panda
5th Mike Ross
5th Steve
7th FubarDuck
7th Jewelman
9th NE1 Magik
9th Beast
9th Fro
9th Cuban B
13th Paul L.
13th IMT Jess
13th Ghoul
13th SoupIsShoe
17th Gootecks
17th Hamm
17th Rodolfo
17th Chris-Bizz
17th Michael
17th Caesar
17th JT
17th Hell Knight
25th KillerStripes
25th Weary Exile
25th DMG-BurnYaBra
25th Keenan
25th CP Leo
25th Frozen Rice
25th Trevon(Grimey)
25th IMT-Flynn
33rd LSG House
33rd Andre
33rd Maximo 254
33rd KingKoopa
33rd Girthy Minotaur
33rd Addict
33rd NE1 Rocket
33rd LSG Sinister X
33rd Rey
33rd Wolfwood0
33rd Lost Assasyn
33rd Diego
33rd Carnage

MvC3 bracket here: Southern Impact MvC 3 - CHALLONGE!


1st Mike Ross
2nd Jewelman
3rd James(Fro)
4th Gootecks
5th IMT Pabbs
5th LSG Sinisterx
7th DMG-Burnyabra
7th CP Leo
9th Alex(IMT-Flynn)
9th GD
9th LSG House
9th Jan
13th JT
13th Legs
13th Vic(Tigres)
13th Hamm
17th Gabriel Godwar
17th Anti Justin
17th Robert(Soupishoe)
17th Chris-Bizz
17th Andy(Circle1)
17th Juan
17th Chris (Thrash Heavy)
17th FubarDuck
25th D.J. Rayge
25th David(SirFishouse)
25th Jesse (IMT Jess)
25th MikeyBoy956
25th Robert(WTS Skills)
25th Rodolfo (Rotendo)
25th Jerry L.
25th Walter(Girthy Minotaur)
33rd Keenan
33rd Cuban B
33rd Ch0P_N_Scr3wd
33rd Mark(NE1 Rocket)
33rd Joel
33rd ceasar
33rd Sean (Maximo 254)
33rd Jay(TROLL)
33rd Diego
33rd Luis
33rd Chris(Helia)
33rd Julio(Lost Assasyn)
33rd Frozen Rice
33rd Drugs & Bass
33rd Eric-task
33rd Isaac(Ghoul)
49th Paul I. (Comeback)
49th Brandon
49th Jag-Tera
49th Nomad
49th Jamie(Killerstripes)
49th David(Koopa)
49th al va rez
49th Kwiet
49th Jesse(MustbeH4x)

SSFIV brackets here: Southern Impact - CHALLONGE!

Don’t forget there is a UCC Tournament Organizer group meeting at the UCC Championship May 6-8! All TO’s we have a LOT to discuss and some cool stuff to give you as well!

Marvel had 45 entrants so 1st place gets 5 Points:

1st LSG Stone - 5 UCC Points
2nd Jan - 4 UCC Points
3rd Jerry L. - 3 UCC Points
4th Warrior Panda - 2 UCC Points
5th Mike Ross - 1 UCC Point
5th Steve - 1 UCC Point

SSF4 had 57 entrants so 1st place gets 7 UCC Points:

1st Mike Ross - 7 UCC Points
2nd Jewelman - 6 UCC Points
3rd James(Fro) - 5 UCC Points
4th Gootecks - 4 UCC Points
5th IMT Pabbs - 3 UCC points
5th LSG Sinisterx - 3 UCC Points
7th DMG-Burnyabra -2 UCC Points
7th CP Leo - 2 UCC Points
9th Alex(IMT-Flynn) - 1UCC Point
9th GD - 1 UCC Point
9th LSG House - 1 UCC Point
9th Jan - 1 UCC Point

Look here for the updated UCC Points

Hey, guys. Y’all were using my laptop for the brackets does anyone still have it? I can’t seem to find it. Thx

apparently they did find your laptop but i dont know if felipe or mike has it

ggs to all that I played, nice meeting you people

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Thank you to all that came down here to Laredo, I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the event.

I want to give a shout out to Monster’s Arcaded Houston Tx, for Streaming the Whole 11 Hour Event!

Shout out to David SirFishouse from Critical Hit Tournament for providing us with 8 Setups for the tournament. SirFishouse helped us out more then we asked of him to and did a very professional Job at the Venue.

Shout out to Gootecks and Mike Ross for showing up and hanging out in Laredo with us, it was a blast guys.

Shout out to Diego for brining in a setup.

Shout out to Burn your bra, good stuff burn!
Shout out to Pabbs, 5th place man, just under Gootecks!
shout out to Jewelman, thanks for comming and congradulations on Second Place.

And again, thanks for everyone that showed up and showed support for the South Texas Fighting Game scene!:rock:

I liked the event and venue! It was great. My suggestions about the event have been made though, hopefully next time it’ll be run more smoothly! :slight_smile:

ggs to everyone I played in MvC3, and thanks for the hospitality to everyone at the event!

Wait a second…How did I get 25th out of 47 in MvC3 if I lost BOTH matches…would someone be kind enough to esplain this? My name was Keenan in the results by-the-by.

You had a bye in the first round. :tup:

Great tournament!

Thanks to David for being so cool and for opening his house to me, Al, and Brandon to play some Marvel!

The tournament ran a little too long and I ended up sleeping between my matches lol. I couldn’t even keep my eyes opened after a few. The longest tournament I’ve attended so far!

Shoutouts to Mike Ross for teaching me REACTIONS and for Gootecks for being just as tired as I was lol

And to all the people I met for the first time (I can’t remember all the names) and to those that I’ve met before (I can’t remember all the names)

LSG House for stealing my money in Toma todo :slight_smile:

There should be an official tournament for Toma Todo .