***UCC*** Texas Bar Fights Round 5 Results

Thanks to everyone coming out to Round 5 yesterday. This is a quick update on the results. The youtube matches will be slowly posting up (search pkrstdnt), starting with all the grand finals matches first.

SSF4:AE results
1: DRS Nashfan (Chun)
2: Jan (Seth, Zangief)
3: Hypersurge (Dhalsim)
4: Brootal (C. Viper)
5: TWG Arthur (Honda)
5: Joe Love (Cody)
7: Dances w Ninjas (Yun)
7: FindMyFarms (Fei Long, Viper)
9: Great Fox
9: JDR
9: Joshua Del Rio
9: Top Gunna DX
13: Anhmeister
13: Yungb254
13: Rubeks
13: Raging X Machine
17: Stevo
17: Amp
17: Sephiroth in HD
17: DFW Jay
17: Auti 0
17: FvaFishx
17: Sin
17: Neutron
25: Seraphina333
25: Drey323
25: LifeFire940
25: HNxHN
25: Hackuma
25: ZX Kratos XZ
25: Tol Menace
25: Kleners
33: Kid Kamikaze
33: D4bag
33: GGNFR-5-0 Andy
33: Armedmajo jojo
33: Sir Freakish
33: IceColdEdge

MvC3 Results:
1: Jan (Sentinel, Dormammu, Haggar)
2: Toan (Magneto, Sentinel, Phoenix)
3: Stone (Zero, Wesker, Dormmamu)
4: Khaoz
5: Young
7: FindMyFarms
7: Dest
9: Coosco
9: JakeoSpikes
9: D4bag
9: Jayto
13: Spike
13: Just Mike
13: Hypersurge
13: Joshua Del Rio
17: Grace
17: WoofX7
17: Keith
17: Brootal
17: Drey323
17: Jugger-NOT
17: Flames
17: Rubeks
25: NightmareZero
25: SDZ
25: EvolutionZero
25: Top Gunna DX
25: Dbot
25: Antony
25: RottJaw
MK9 Results:

1: Coosco
2: Lone Star Reaper
3: Broken Vendetta
4: Tol Menace
5: niftynichy
5: ICE
7: DOM!!
9: Adam is wambo
9: Shake
9: FvaFshx
9: TopGunnaDX
13: Rott Saw
13: Kambo Slice
BB:CS2 Results:

1: Jan
[FONT=mceinline]2: DRS Nashfan [/FONT]
[FONT=mceinline]3: Dances with Ninjas [/FONT]
[FONT=mceinline]4: Chickzama[/FONT]
[FONT=mceinline]5: Omega[/FONT]
[FONT=mceinline]5: Mightfo[/FONT]
[FONT=mceinline]7: LifeFire[/FONT]
[FONT=mceinline]7: WOOFX7[/FONT]
3S:OE Results:
1: YungB254
2: Dest
3: TWG Arthur
4: Nmbr1krush
5: Stone
5: Auti 0
7: Dances with Ninjas
9: FvaFshx
9: Neutron
9: Joe Love

Video Posts


Jan (Seth) vs DRS Nashfan (Chun) Grand Finals SSF4AE
Jan (Seth) vs Hypersurge (Dhalsim) Losers Finals SSF4AE
DRS Nashfan (Chun) vs Hypersurge (Dhalsim) Winners Finals SSF4AE
Br00tal (Viper) vs Jan (Zangief) Losers Semifinals SSF4AE

MvC3 Vids

Jan (Dorm, Sent, Hagg) vs Toan (Mag, Sent, Phx) Grand Finals MvC3
Stone (Zero, Wesker, Dorm) vs Toan (Mag, Sent, Phx) Losers Finals MvC3
Stone (Zero, Wesk, Dorm) vs Jan (Sent, Dorm, Hagg) Winners Finals MvC3
Khaoz (Zero, Mag, Phx) vs Toan (Mag, Sent, Hagg) Losers Semifinals MvC3


Lone Star Reaper (Mileena) vs Coosco (Kung Lao) Grand Finals MK9

BBCS2 Vids

Jan (Tager) vs DRS Nashfan (Tsubaki) Grand Finals BBCS2
DRS Nashfan (Tsubaki) vs Dances with Ninjas (Bang) Losers Finals BBCS2
DRS Nashfan (Tsubaki) vs Jan (Tager) Winners Finals BBCS2

Congratulations on taking 1st place in SF Nash! Way to go!

7th in both games _ oh well!!

GG’s to everyone I played, good shit to joe on clutchin it out against me and knockin me out again, and excellent job as always on a great tourney Jeff/Kent!

Good games to those I played (I was the Rose player). Special thanks to Jeff/Kent for running the whole thing and letting me borrow the Juri stick. I’ll be sure to bring my own next time.

More 3S then BB… so sad

Pauses suck…that is all

Mortal Kombat 9

What about it?

More like, a fact of life.

GGs to all at the tourney, had a great time.

GGs to everyone I played in both casuals and tourney. Big shoutouts to Jeff/Kent for running a smooth tourney as usual. You guys never disappoint. =)

All videos are uploaded. You can also search through the stream archive at justin.tv/pkrstdnt if you want

This makes me happy.