***UCC*** TEXAS BAR FIGHTS TOURNAMENT ROUND II (Dallas, TX) January 15th, 2011

***** TEXAS BAR FIGHTS Proudly Presents ROUND II ***

Texas Bar Fights is where you PLAY MORE and get PAID MORE!!!**

Saturday, January 15th 2011
Sign up 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Back Porch Grill and Tavern
210 N. Main St.
Grapevine, TX. 76051
Map 210 North Main Street, Grapevine, TX 76051-3321 - Google Maps

Tournament Schedule
SSF4 singles, BLAZBLE, and TEKKEN 6 will all start @ 2:00 PM
SSF4 teams will start after singles

Venue Fee/Game Entry Fees
There will be a one time $6 venue fee when you sign up.

SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 ------------------ $10 on Xbox
TEKKEN 6 -------------------------------------- $10 on PS3
BLAZBLUE:CS ----------------------------------$10 on Xbox
SSF4 2v2 ---------------------------------------$5 per team member ($10 a team) with time permitting
BEAT THE PRO CHALLENGE -----------------$5 per challenge for a $50 Best Buy gift card
REDEMPTION TOURNAMENTS for SSF4----$10 entry Eight man tournaments winner takes all

The tournament format is Double Elimination for all games. Pot split 70/20/10 (except REDEMPTION Tourneys which is 100% to winner)

Take your chance at beating the reigning champion of the inaugural Texas Bar Fights - Nick “SoSickNashFan”! Challenge him to a “best out of three sets” match for $5 dollars a try. If you win, you win a $50 gift card to Best Buy. Challenge him as many times as you want until you win. Come one, come all, and try your best to Beat the Pro.

Not satisfied with your performance in the main tournaments? Wanna make some money against a smaller field? We will be holding 8 man double elimination side tournaments for SSF4! Only if you get eliminated out of the main event can you participate. The first 8 players to sign up begin the first redemption tourney. We will be doing this repeatedly all day long (every time we get another 8 people signed up, another tourney will begin!) $10 per player Winner takes all $80!!!

TWELVE Asus Screens: The same ones used at EVO to ensure NO LAG and that the tournament moves along quickly. Each screen has their own set of separate speakers so everyone can hear everything. HUGE venue with plenty of room and lots of good food and beer!

Please, bring your own controllers, if you can, to facilitate with the speed of the tournament.

Top 8 Played on a Head to Head set up and projected onto two big screens for everyone to watch with ease!

Please, please, PLEASE eat and drink at the venue. Back Porch Grill and Tavern has a great menu full of really good food and lots of beers/shots to choose from.

–Jeff (pkrstdnt) and Kent (FocusFlute)

Get hype baby!

Gimme dat giftcard Nick! I call first!

I got shotgun dawg. Also, let’s do it!

i think i might take off for this.

Yea I kind of wana go to this too since I missed the first one baybeh baaaay eeeh!

You houston cats know this isn’t at denny’s right?!?

I might go, but I’d have to stay at my parents’ haus. =/
Such a trade

I call third in line for that gift card!

calling second here too. also repeating, do you guys have more than one gift card?

We will have multiple gift cards

Some will be Best Buy some will be GameStop, just depends on who is more generous

hhmmmm… might come out and win myself ANOTHER gift card from Dallas. Was the ONLY thing I won at absolute battle… sigh

Is there a cap on how times you can enter the redemption tourney? Say if someone won a redemption tourney, can they enter again and possibly take the winner spot again and again? Or is it once you win you can’t re-enter? Just wondering.

Get hype. I’ll be there for sure.

The idea is to start a Redemption Tourney every time an eight man bracket fills up. Kind of like Sit n Go tournaments on a poker site (except you can’t play in more than one at a time lol)

Shout-outs to fellow gift card champions.

I will make an effort to show up.

After my poor execution @ Absolute battle, I realized that I REALLY need offline practice, and there’s nobody locally or near me that I know who plays SSF4.

Music to my ears =D

Ill be there with my terrible sakura!
As added question, there’s not a age requirement right?
Im 16 so I was just wondering.