UCD MUGA thread


Hey everybody,

Come out and play 3s. It’s getting boring playing the CPU.

I play black/white Dudley, look for me.

I heard there’s a good ken player. Where are you!!


I play a Dark Blue SA2 Chun, White/Blue SA2 Alex, and Blue SA3 Urien. Im usually there from 1-2 on Fridays when i play against my friend, who uses a white SA3 Ken and hes there from 1-2 on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays.


never seen either of you. but i look forward to playing!


ill be there next week in the afternoons… yea theres this guy that plays white ken who is not bad. seems like more people are playing 3rd strike these days which is good cuz its the best game at the muga :shy:


Good games today, guys. I’ll probably be there again with my friend (the white Ken) on Friday 1-2.




randy come out and play 3s more often!


Someone told me Som now goes to UC Davis.

So much stuff I don’t know.

Either that or people are wrong sometimes.



som goes to uc muga.

randy plays 3s? wtfeeeeeee

ill be at the muga tommorow at 2 possibly


Venkazzle come to Keystone. I still need a cure mask too :shake:.


yeah i asked him if he plays seriously and he said he hasn’t played for a year,so…

i dunno.

and venkat come out! i must have missed you today.


kinetix come to davis. i must play vs your godlike dudley.

i heard you used to play alot at sc.


Actually you know what I might be able to play friday morning/afternoon :lol: . I’ll be up there in that area for the weekend and I’ll have some free time then. Who wants some of this GDLKGDLK Dudley?


NICE!! i’ll be there fasho.


Venkat can you go Friday? I’ll be free till around 3-4, so let me know when you’re gunna be there.

Edit: When is anyone else gunna be there. Even for cvs or marvel…


I’ll be there at 1-2 on friday with my friend Allen (the white SA3 Ken). I’m the Blue SA2 Alex, Blue SA3 Urien, or SA2 Chun (Blue, Purp or black).

I play CvS2, but I’m not as good as I’d like to be because I can’t RC.
N-Iori, Sagat, R2 Blanka

And kin3tix, in case you didn’t know, the MUGA resetted the MvC2 machine, so no Storm, Psy, Sent, and a bunch of others.


That sucks about the marvel machine, but whatever since I’m nub at that game and coming here for 3s. Guess I’ll show up around the same time as well.


UCMuga. I take a class called advanced ass kicking.

I’ll show you guys what I learned >;]


There’s no marvel, so what ass kicking? I keed I keed. You’re going tomorrow Som?


no i have to study for a test i have saturday morning.

p.s. i can kick ass at tekken :slight_smile:

p.p.s marvel is still there. and i can strider/doom it up