UCDavis weekly tournment results (2/20/03)


Tourney Results for UCD 2/20/03

1st Jhammar [iMPULSZE] (Mag/Sen/Doom)
2nd Robert Lew [TheGreatWiseman] (Sen/Sto/Cap)
3rd Andy Lee [SoulRequiem] (Ven/SS/Jin)
4th Eric Sttab [Shuma] (Mag/Cab/Cap)

1st Anthony Philips [Senor Payaso] (k-Bis/Joe/Sag)
2nd Robert Lew [TheGreatWiseman] (k-Sag/Cam/Bla)
3rd Luis (c-Bal/Veg/Yam)
4th Eric Hsu [Xaero] (n-Iori/Sag/Yam)

1st Eric Hsu [Xaero] (Baiken)
2nd Tanaka (Sol-Badguy)
3rd Robert Lew [TheGreatWiseman] (Ky-Kiske)

PS. We’ll try to host the next tournment one hour earlier.


Sups to all the Sac-Town / Gameroom players who went to UCD tourney…Keep the comp up out there guys good to see u guys still keeping it alive…Good job to Senor Payaso,Impulze,and Xearo for winning and playing strong…As well to Rob Lew…and the rest of the squad…Holla back and stay up…