UCF II: SF4 Tournament! // Voorhees, NJ // May 9, 2009

Check out our site for more information: http://ultracombofinish.wordpress.com

Hello all, we’re a small gaming group based in South Jersey. This is our second tournament so I expect this to be a fairly small one but you can check out our site and watch videos of our previous tournament. I also helped out with the SDTekken SF4 Tournament on March 29th so I hope this tournament runs well.


* We'll have a ps3/360 tourney. Depending what you're comfortable on, we will have 2 stations set up.
* It's going to be held at South Jersey Java. [Click for directions.](http://southjerseyjava.com/Contact_SJJ.html)
* It's on May 9, 2009 @ 6pm, SHARP.
* Best of 3 rounds, best of 3 matches. So, win 2 rounds for a match; win 2 matches to move on.
* Double elimination. Lose one, still in. Lose 2, you're out.
* Bring your own controller, please. Bring your converters, for those ps2 sticks. We're all 360 users so we can't help you on that.
* All characters allowed! There are no characters that are banned from this tournament.
* $15 dollars to participate, and with this, you get a free meal. FREE FOOD! Only participants to the tournament will get a free meal.
* Bring your own controller, please. Bring your converters, for those ps2 sticks. We're all 360 users so we can't help you on that.
* Tournament starts at 6pm and registration closes at 6pm. Come early!
* AND DON'T BE LATE. This time around, I'm gonna be hella strict on this. Double elimination is gonna take a long ass time, so I need everyone to be punctual.

Post your name here or on our site if you can make it to our tournament. We’d like to have an idea how many people are going. Hope to see you all there!

Again, please check out our site for updates regarding our tournaments and other events!

Ultra Combo Finish

Hmm, no one interested?

I am somewhat Curios about this Tourney.However Voorhees is far for me but I’ll make a decision After the East Throwdown Tournament!

Thank you for the interest. We hope to have more people stop by this time.

Next weekend looks good. I’ll be there.

The time and distance is perfect. I’ll be there and I’m going to try and bring a guest or two.

Shit, I would definitely come but I already agreed to a prior engagement for Saturday night. Dammit… Let me know when the next tournament rolls around.

Alright! If you guys want too, send me your emails so I let you all know some more updates about any events outside SF4 tourneys!

I hope you guys enjoy the tourney!

oh this is very close to me. i will definitely be there.

what are the prizes?

is pad allowed?

i live in long island, ny…do you think there is a way to get there by train?

by the way…whats the prize? this is important cuz it will basically determine whether or not ill go, im taking a few other competitors with me also so hopefully itll help make the tournament more vast

Well the prize is the pot.
We take some to pay the venue for letting us be there - and the first place gets the pot. If it’s a large pot, we try to break it off for second place too and that’s it. No third place prize. So, the more people come, the larger the pot: our fee for the venue stays the same.

Last time, we had 10 contestants and first place got 57 dollars after the venue cost.

After spending time with the SDTekken crew, I think for our next tournament I can actually get some real great prizes from Mad Catz. Sorry I couldn’t pull connections this time around, been hectic since I’ve gotten back to the east coast.

I might be there since it’s pretty close to where I live. Just wondering if pad is allowed since that’s all I got.

ok sounds good then, but like i said before…do you know of a way to get there from NY? im guessing a train out of penn station right?

let me know if you find anything on trains getting there from ny PLEASE

Yes, pads are allowed. Bring all your controllers/equipment - we can’t supply sticks >_<

And alejandro, there’s a train to penn station but there’s no way to get to here. Actually, i’ll email you tomorrow and maybe we can find a way to get you here.

Well I Can’t Make it flying back to the LA on Saturday.

depends… if you get more people this could be fun.
i couldnt even get to touch a controller at ECT

Yeah, I hope over time we develop a reputation of having fun tournaments and hope to have returning gamers. I understand if people don’t want to come right now since we’re a small group but eventually I hope I can meet all of you.