UCF Orlando "Gauntlet" Complete Results 01.25.2003

UCF Orlando Gauntlet Complete Results 01.25.2003
I just want to thank you all for coming, and even more thanks for the people who lent out their PS2’s, MAS sticks, DC’s, and real copies of games.

I also want to thank Justin personally for handling the MvC2 tournament and acting like a professional throughout the whole ordeal.

Anyway, here are the complete results:

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: (Total Condenders: 27 people)

1st: Mike Mixon (mixup)
2nd: Adam (didn’t have last name)
3rd: Eder Resendez
4th: Erik
5th: Ben Acosta
5th: Justin
7th: Dwayne Schultz
7th: Dennis
9th: Rick Stalvey
9th: David S.
9th: Bryan
9th: MB
13th: BJ
13th: Alex G.
13th: Joel Valentin
13th: Anthony Wright
17th: Andrew
17th: Van
17th: Chris R.
17th: Chris K.
17th: Pablo DelValle
17th: Eric McCurdy
23rd: Yap
23rd: Marty
23rd: Dan R.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (Total Contenders: 43 people)

1st: Dwayne Schultz
2nd: Alex Jebailey
3rd: John S.
4th: Placido Buniao III
5th: Christian Paw
5th: Alex L.
5th: Eder R.
8th: Dan Reardo
8th: Anthony Wright
8th: Cheng-Chung Chow :lame:
8th: Jose Valentin
13th: Escoban
13th: Adam B.
13th: Ryan Waxberg
13th: Ed Acosta
13th: Kris Kaz
13th: David Staton
13th: Rick Stalvey
13th: Brian Graham
13th: Chetan
13th: Varin
13th: Van H.
13th: John E.
24th: Derrick
24th: Christian T.
24th: John Cain
24th: Raphael Suarez
24th: Ben Acosta
24th: Joel Valentin
24th: Chris Reardo
24th: Andrew
24th: David Montavlo
24th: Phil Staton
24th: Brian Fig
24th: Juan Gonzalez
24th: Marty
24th: Sam Montalvo
24th: Pablo DeValle
24th: Leland Miller
24th: Carlos P.
24th: Chris Martin
24th: Matt Tom
24th: Mike Mixon

Tekken 4 (Total Contenders: 30 people)

1st: Jason T. (Hotnix)
2nd: Kevin Nguyen
3rd: Mike Mixon (mixup)
4th: Will M.
5th: Linh
5th: Ed Acosta
7th: Jose Valentin
7th: Neil Alhanti
7th: Trevor
7th: Tony K.
12th: Alex Jebailey
12th: Thuan
12th: Mike C.
12th: Brian
12th: Chris Poon
12th: Eder Resendez
18th: Cheng-Chung Chow
18th: Brian Fig
18th: Rafael Suarez
18th: Pablo DeValle
18th: Anthony Wright
18th: Shannon Francis
18th: Earl M.
18th: Brenden R.
18th: Mike Mor.
18th: Dwayne Schultz
18th: Tien
18th: Mike W.

Virtua Fighter 4 (Total Contenders: 6 people)

1st: Pablo DelValle
2nd: Anthony Wright
3rd: Dwayne Schultz
3rd: Placido Buniao III
5th: Neil Alhanti
5th: Eric McCurdy

Thanks again

Awesome tourney, so well ran that i will be attending every tourney held by you guys from here on out:D

Tournament was mad fun, too bad it’s going to be so long until the next.

Also, props to the guy from gainsville who holding it down with a-groove bison, akuma, rolento.


You’re too good man, the set up was great and everything. I hope this happens again, soon.


5th in MVC2
24th in CVS2
is the same person. (Ben ‘bshidoheat’ Acosta) :wink:

Ed Acosta is my brother. (5th in T4 woo!)

Oh yeah, someone had left a DC controller there. I have it in my possession, so if they want it, please contact me via this thread.

Hell man, I don’t even know where to start with this shit… First off, I want to say thanks to Placido and rest of FSA at the UCF for holding this hootnannie. If U of F had the resources and facilities that you do, the possibilities are endless. :cool:

  • I suck at mvc2…if anyone saw me use team shoto, gotta love the sweep, sweep throw x3 in a row with Ryu in my first match. Old school tactics are l33t!
  • Blazinflo, you need to stop toying around with me in mvc2. Strider/Doom…c’mon now…it was all Sent/Doom from what I saw. :smiley: I’ll get you next time.
  • Mike your magneto avatar rocks
  • BshidoHeat, it was great playing you in the cvs2 winner’s finals of our bracket. Got you back for your little apex joke about invasion. :evil:
  • Great run you had there Alex…you almost had Dwayne at cvs2…and you almost had me at SSBM…almost… :lol:
  • There definitely needs to be a 3s tournament at the next tournament. People also need to remember to bring their 3s games!!! :mad:
  • Don’t worry Rick, “Slanty” Claus will come own…uh I mean…see you again soon. Chun Li = top tier but ELENA = GOD TIER. :smiley: :evil: :lol:
  • I’d also like to make a quick shout out to the other Elena player I got to play against. Good to know there’s a few other people out there that recognize. Oh and whoever’s 3s copy that was that we played on, the music was awesome…I WANNA COPY!
  • Rick, Tr3nt, Cordell, Alex, Dwayne, and anyone else at UCF that I got a chance to chill with, that was too damn good.

Mummy-B using his mas stick as a pillow was too good.


If anyone is wondering, the tournament is NOT APEX certified. My staff has been e-mailing the moderators for certification since late November/early December, and none of them had gotten a response. I guess the “two people” tournament match for MvC2 posted on the home page of shoryuken.com was more important than the 27 people tournament for MvC2 and the 43 people tournament held for CvS2…


Had fun regardless. But maybe next time SRK will realize that UCF has a big crowd for capcom games.

Don’t get confused about mixup’s performance in CvS2. He played every game in the tournament (except VF4, at least) and that was one hell of a long run. I mean, 12 hours of this shit can really burn out person. But congrats, mixup, on Tekken 4, and MvC2.



Hey it was padded at the bottom, that shit was comfy!

Great tourney, only one complaint: Wish the players would have been bracketed by location - I played the exact same people I play in Gainesville, and we all knew how each other played so it came down to who made the most mistakes (which unfortunately was me). It would have been nice to play against some fresh comp.

Otherwise, very well done and very pimp layout, the projectors gave that “we might be at Evo” feel to it :smiley:

You mean the indian looking guy? He was hella good, nice guy to talk to as well.

Good tourny overall, and who would have thought trent would make such a good coach?

yeah, main man was awesome and he hooked me up with some a-groove tips.

I still can’t believe Jose, busting out some totally original combos on everybody.

That guy was Chetan Bedi. Me and him practice alot together and his A Groove team is pretty sick, but you didn’t even see half of it. He was missing alot of CC’s midway (like the Bison one), but 9 times out of 10 he’ll find a way to carry you to the corner and paint the fence. His MAS was being strange, I’m not sure if it was the stick or console acting up but sometimes the joystick would just freeze, did anyone else experience this?

Thanks to everyone who came, the pics are up on the web site, too bad I arrived too late and didn’t take that many pictures (I was restricted to the Tekken area since was also handling the tourney there).

I think the PS2 version has a slight frame difference from the arcade/DC, that was giving me problems doing combos.


I think it’s because of the time of your arrival, we just fill in the chart with the next names that’s registering. You and your friends happen to arrive at the same time me thinks. I think next time we should take all of the name down and then right when the tourney start set up fill in the brackets.

IN T4, Trevor fought his roomate again, same as last year and I wound up fighting against all my friends while the people from WEstoak mall area like Will and his friends (really good players) fought amongst themselves (on a different machine), it would be nice to have a bit more mix up, but I think that’ll be fix next time. Also if you arrive late, you are guarantee to fight each other (the other bastard who was late) as in the case with me.

Yeah, I realized, which I suppose is partially my fault for having drank so much Corona the night before and being late.

However, there was ample time from when we arrived until when CvS2 began to have done the brackets (like 4 hours) in a more randomized fashion. It only takes one person a maximum of 30 minutes to bracket players by location to ensure fresh comp, because I am sure alot of the Orlando people also wanted to play some out-of-town comp as well. My suggestion is to note the location of each of the players at sign-up, then mix them up so people form the same town don’t play each other for at least the first two or three rounds (eventually it becomes inevitable, but you know what I mean). That’s what I do when I bracket the tourneys up here. The only reason why I complain is because the only chances I had to play alot of the Orlando people I have never seen was during casual play.

But that’s all small business. It was fun and great to come down and play anyway.

Alex and Mummy B do bring up a good point. The brackets were restricted to players fighting each other again in the loser’s bracket. I can honestly say that there are a lot of things I need to learn about running tournaments like these again. But don’t fret, it will be cleared up in the next tournament.

Oh yeah, Chetan is the baddest motherfucker I know using A-groove. I never thought I would see “Paint the Fence” in real life until that moment. Great shit.

I was honestly surprised that we finished CvS2 ahead of schedule. People were wondering why we didn’t stick with the best 3 out of 5 for loser’s finals and best 4 out of 7 for overall finals. Well, I honestly didn’t think we would have enough time, but apparently we did. I just wanted to make sure that at least we can declare a winner.

Hey, anyone from g-ville, you too can have the same setup I did, and I am pretty sure of it. I am part of an on campus club (Filpino Student Association) and as long as I am part of that, I can reserve anything for free. It should be the same thing for UF. And I am sure that the rules apply too. If you decide to have an entry fee, they will charge you the rate for everything that you reserve, but, if you don’t then everything remains free. Try it…You really can’t beat free projectors, free TV’s, free rooms, free chairs, basically free everything. Money isn’t important right now for the gaming community. It is more about popularizing it to become a more noticed pastime, like in Japan. Then, when it becomes big enough, you can start charging to make it more interesting and have the funds to be able to pay for the room…

just a thought.


Platinum, I’ve held a few tournaments here at UF before already and I do get the stuff for free. However, what I failed to say is that UF’s resources and facility is nowhere near as nice as UCF. When I reserve tv’s, they give these really small like 15’ tv’s with no audio/video input so we need RF adaptors to hook up the systems. :lame: But we can get projectors, which kicks ass. I’m actually holding one here in a few weeks. You can find it in the tournament thread under Florida Breakdown: The Invasion.

I agree.

Add 3S to the tourney list next time and I’ll come for sure. :smiley:

SilverGear <--------- Is hungry for more 3S comp.