UCF [Ultimate Combo Finish]: SSF4 All-Female Tournament, SO-CAL


Hey SRK members,

My friend and I are trying to set-up a local tournament community/league [UCF] here in Southern California, Los Angeles and Orange County. We are still very early in the development process but our initial project is to set-up an all-female Super Street Fighter 4 tournament, dubbed the “SSF4 Divas Grand Prix”. Right now we have about 4 confirmed contestants, and we are trying to get at least 8-12 as minimum. We were planning to get it up and going by June but it doesn’t look like that will work because we have had problems in all fields (finding a venue, finding contestants), the only good news for us are that we have possibly snagged 2 sponsors. So pretty much we are now turning to SRK now to see if we can garner interest and support. If all goes good hopefully we can set-up future tournaments open for everybody.

So, if you are female or if you know any females that are in the LA/Orange area, or even not from the area and are willing to come down to participate and/or spectate, please let us know! We would like to see this project come to a reality soon. Please respond to the thread with any feedback or interest in the tournament, and please search UCF: Ultimate Combo Finish on Facebook and “like” our page for support. You can send us inquiries/messages on the Facebook page as well.

Obviously this is not strictly for females though it sounds like it, we are looking for support from everybody!

Thank you very much for your time. Hope to hear from you guys!
-Team UCF