UCI CvS2 / 3S Teams Results


CVS2 Results


3S 2 on 2 Team Results

  1. Ken I. / David
  2. Paul Lee / Chris
  3. Hiro / Ben
  4. Fernando Sanchez / Michael
  5. Closet Remy / Chi
  6. Abel / Art
  7. Mutant XP / Eugene Kim
  8. Marcus / Doug
  9. Shogo / John
  10. Rustblade / Kennywood
  11. Sean Lui / Dentron
  12. Mike Menace / Allen

Nice Turnout Today. Thanks to everyone who came.



good job kenny, how much did you win bazzle.


haha 7 bucks =D

great turnout. Thanks for holding it and GG’s to everyone. Damn you amir, in winners AND losers, sakura’s too good. Doug and i had matches in every game, even Marvel… i got raped.


second place. :smiley:

hella fun stuff. throw more uci tournaments.


Correction: Michael’s teammate was Yi Wang, not fernando, who only played cvs2


NO. You’re mistaken. There were two Fernandos at the tournament. Unfortunately I never got the last name of the “Fernando” that entered the CVS2 tournament. Yi was never there.



Yi was the asian guy who used Ken with dyed hair who came with rich and amir.


…and he was michael’s partner. kthx. I hope you guys had fun, we’ll try to have more cvs2 tourneys, and get the tech to put some more maintenance in, to keep the sticks in good condition.


i was there? hmmm, mustve been my twin, i did not go to this tournament




seriously. yi (or at least who i thought was yi) used green ken.


wrong sir, amir couldn’t join 3S, too many top tiers =P


if i recall some japanese guy sent yi to losers and it wasn’t ken i.


damn i own, didnt win a match all day. props to all you mad skilled mothafuckas, expecially with the 6 consecutive grabs by amir, i guess it was funny because no one thought amir was gonna go for another after the third, and he just kept landing them, funny and cool


Denton: Thats the sickest av ever…lol…some square 1 shit…its too classic…!!!:lol:



haha thanks, i 5 finger discounted that shit off some other guy on a different board, and dont make me eat you if you are wrong!