UCLA 12/14 Team tournament - MVC2, 3s, Cvs2, ST


3v3 MvC2 Team tournament:
1st Place - Team dreamteam :wink: Peter ‘combo fiend’ Rosas, Alex ‘Sin’, David ‘DavidL’ Lee
2nd Place - Team Magnus - “M.A.G.” , Fredy, Juan Orozco
3rd Place - Team combo Vid - Julius “Dumb_ass_combo” Jackson, Amir "Zeroblue"Amirsaleh, EROK
4th Place - Team Hames - Quincy Yang, Alfred ‘killer’ M, John D 'rockefellor’
5th Place - Team - Tong ‘Ghengis’ Ho, Alex ‘Calipower’ Valle, Rob Ingram “Calisean”

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
1st Place - Alex Valle
2nd Place - Amir Amirsaleh
3rd Place - Peter Rosas
4th Place - Tong Ho

2v2 3rd Strike
1st Place - Team Chinabrothers - PyroLee, George “Gee-o” Posadas
2nd Place - Alex Valle, Don
3rd Place - John D. , Victor
4th Place - Peter Rosas, Adolfo

3v3 CvS2
Tied 1st and 2nd - Alex Valle, Don, Rob Ingram
Peter Rosas, Alex ‘sin’, David Lee
3rd - Ed ‘edma’, James “Jchensor” Chen, ZUGG ZUGG
4th - George Posadas, JC Melgar a.k.a. Psycobetabuckdown


ST wasnt round robin
and gg to all had fun :slight_smile:



I TOLD YOU ADOLFO YOU WOULD GET 3rd OR 4th WITHOUT ME. WE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN 2nd AGAIN IF I WAS THERE OH WELL MAYBE NEXT TIME…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



the other two are not team h.p. members, they are regular players in h.p. arcade, I asked them to come with me in order to enter the tourney.

They played really, well i am thrilled we made it this far, this was there first tourney ever.

2. Juan Orozco
3. Fredy


Felicidades, Martin! Representando los Crows! =p


how many entrants were in marvel?


Props to Valle. :cool: :slight_smile:


anyone tape this?


cool :slight_smile:


Overall great tourney, but some of the changes that went on I did’nt like.
ST: I entered ST because I thought It was going to be round-robin, and get a chance to play vs. everyone.
3s: I didn’t like the new format rules. I prefer the format we had on the first 2 on 2.


Hey Gee-o,

I apologize about the change in formats and with rules. Regarding ST, the game was changed due to 14 players showing. Also it would have been difficult to have round robin considering the number of games that were holding up the ST tourney in the first place. The rules for any team tourney will be given in advance and accomodate the players a little more. Thanks for the input.

It is likely that we’ll be focusing more on individual tourneys instead of team tourneys. The team tourney was an idea that was catered for something different in the tournament scene. Thanks to everyone that showed and I hoped everyone enjoyed themselves.


Go ZuggZugg!!! That’s my dawg!!!


P.S-“Fuck GUNTER!!!”


Congrats to all that played and btw ILL BE GOING TO CALI FOR E3 THIS YEAR.


You better have a pass this time…


yeah ill bring a pass tell peter im coming for that ass for justin:evil: .


does ur sent get the stomping in his airr forrce onez?