UCLA 3S Battle 1.0- Los Angeles, Ca 8/30/08

UCLA 3s Battle 1.0*

  1. Jizz Bomb (Yun/Ken)

  2. Vinny (Ken)
    Grand finals were close but Jizz Bomb ended up taking the second set.
    (Vinny won the first set but came from losers and ended up losing second set.)

  3. JR Rodriguez (Akuma)

  4. Dash (Chun/Ken)

  5. ReNic (Alex)

  6. 2DMax (Ryu)

  7. Zantua (Yang)

  8. Scott (Ken)

There were 15 entrants total.
Thanks to those that showed up for the tournament.

no vids eh?

no one even realized we were playing a tourney, hahaha

We were playing a tourney?

GGs. You are all cool people

YOU MEAN IT WASN’T CASUAL???:bgrin::bgrin:

Good shit vinny and jr. Sanchez why don’t i see your name in top 8?? And who the hell is jizz bomb??

who the hell is said3s? O.O :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO! FU!! I should be in cali soon. we gotta get together and play ST or something!

you know sanchez plays alex right?

lol yeah i know but there wasn’t exactly an amazing cast there! You, dash and JR but that was it.

deez nuts are amazing